An Agege Customary Court in Lagos on Wednesday reconciled a couple, Mr Akinyemi Ilesanmi and his wife, Comfort, whose 10-year-old marriage was on the brink of collapse.

Akinyemi, who claimed to be a prophet, had instituted a divorce suit on June 20, on the ground that there was no love between them and an alleged threat to his life. He also alleged that his wife was a ‘witch’. However, the intervention of the Court’s President, Mr Philip Williams, and the couple’s families helped to resolve the couple’s differences and reconcile them.

Williams, subsequently, urged the couple give peace a chance in the marriage and be law abiding. Earlier in his testimony during hearing, the petitioner, who resides at Akute Area of Ogun , told the court that there was no love in the marriage. “I have not been at peace since l got married to my wife, she is so quarrelsome.

“I am a prophet of God, but since l married her, she has been disturbing my ministry work. “Whenever l am fasting, she forces me to break it due to her bad attitude. ‘My wife is a devil,’ even those in my neighbourhood call her a witch,” he alleged. According to him, the marriage which was contracted in 2006 has not produced any child.

“We got married under two weeks of meeting ourselves following a fake prophet my wife introduced to me while we were courting. “He prophesied then to me that she was my wife. “Due to her troublesome ways, l have now developed high blood pressure. “My lord, I want an end to this marriage because I cannot cope with my wife’s troubles anymore.

“Please, separate us, so that l can have a rest of mind,’’ the petitioner said. In her response, Comfort who is the respondent, pleaded for reconciliation. She, however, denied all the allegations levelled against her by her husband. “ I am still interested in the marriage. “I want this court to save my marriage because I do not want to marry another husband. “I still love him,’’ she told the court.

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