Loyalists of the embattled former National Security Adviser (NSA), Colonel Sambo Dasuki, have threatened to release damning records of some personalities who collected huge sums of money from the former security chief but are now denying same.

The loyalists, who spoke to  Sunday Tribune in confidence, said that they were shocked to discover that some of those who collected huge sums from Dasuki are now behind his predicament.
A source close to the former NSA said that his loyalists were surprised to see certain persons who collected some amounts from Dasuki denying the same and also working behind the scenes to ensure he is not released from detention.
“We have now known the real reasons Sambo Dasuki is still incarcerated even after three courts have granted him bail,” one of the sources said, adding that certain influential persons might have influenced the administration to keep him behind bars under the pretext of “corruption fighting back.”
“The threat coming from some associates of the former NSA is real. They are serious about their determination to release the recordings of his meetings with people, some of them now in government who denied that they ever received money during such meetings,” one source said.
The source said that he was aware of the trend of investigations and interrogations Dasuki has been made to undergo, apparently at the instance of some powerful persons, adding that he has had everything screened  including wristwatches, eye glasses, buttons, pens, cufflinks, tie clips, rings and related objects.
The sources added that they had refrained from making comments before now because they believed that the main trial would commence, adding that with the delay in the commencement of the trial, some of them in possession of damning records might release them.
“I can assure you that the loyalists of the former NSA had refrained from commenting all this while because they thought the main trials would commence and verdicts  would be given.
“It’s  however becoming a refrain for the  government to say ‘ah, corruption is fighting back’, anytime you have something contrary to the trains of the administration not  minding whether there’s merit in such comments or not,” one associate said further.
It was learnt further that loyalists of Dasuki are of the view that the genesis of his continued  detention, dated back to  December  2015 when he was granted bail after perfecting some bail conditions.
They said that his camp then released certain information to put a lie to the denials on security circles by some persons who have been linked with the Dasuki probe.
“Some of his loyalists threatened  upon his perfection of bail conditions  last December  that he would come out to show the world that some of the denials  in public domain do not hold any water. After that, the forces vowed that he would rot in detention,” the source said.
One of the sources further said:  “We have witnesses and recordings of these visits. A man received two retired army officers in his private sitting room, called his nephew to collect the bag and would thereafter say he saw nothing, heard nothing. This is very laughable.
“How did his nephew who has never worked in his life get over N850 million in his bank account in a new generation bank?
“Let them cover what they think they could, and we would certainly spill the beans for Nigerians to see their hypocrisy.
“All of us would meet in court. But before then if they keep denying, we would release some clips on both YouTube and other forms of social media for the world to see their nakedness.”

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