D’banj: Seyitan’s rape allegations seem suspicious – Kemi Olonloyo

By Sylvester Kwentua

Controversial celebrity journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, seem not to be totally convinced that Seyitan Babalola was raped by DBanj. In several posts on her official Instagram page, Kemi has been questioning the authenticity of the rape allegation against DBanj. In one of her most recent posts, Kemi asked Seyitan some critical questions, claiming not to believe the rape story until her questions are answered.

“I’m Investigating Seyitan Babatayo’s rape allegation claim involving DBanj. I can’t find a visible source of income for her yet she jets around the world. Who is sponsoring these trips with so many exotic hotels? She says she sleeps naked in hotels? I need to know more about her alleged kidnapping by DBanj’s team. I’m asking these questions and I need answers from her legal, feminists and activists team.

“At what point were you kidnapped and by who and how? What transpired on your journey to the so called hideout? Were you blindfolded? Where were you kept? Isolated or an uncompleted building? Was it a direct ride from the point of kidnapped to the hideout? What was the point of kidnap? Did you reach out to your mum, friends during or after the kidnap? Did you or did you not send anyone your location?

“Did you at any point raise an Alarm? Were you kidnapped alone or alongside someone? From the station to your house/hideout did you at any point speak with your mother? What action did your family take? During your kidnap what happened from when you were picked up till when you were released? Did you make or receive any calls from your number during this kidnap window. If you know Seyitan Babatayo please help me get answers.” Kemi posted.

Celebrity Diary will be monitoring the rape saga as events unfold.


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