Akwa Ibom State Govt. Has Gone Ahead To Award A contract for a New State Laison Office in Lagos Despite protest for the Youths in the State Against the said project.
It should be recalled that Barr. Inibeghe Effiong Led a massive protest of Indegeins of the state Against the project both in Lagos and in Uyo.

1.The protest is on the grounds that the state already has two offices in Lagos State( A State Owned Lodge and A liaison Office)and another one in Abuja, and a new office is unnecessary.

2.The contract Sum Of N9.1 Billion Naira, for the building would build industries, to provide jobs for jobless youths in the state, though the state govt has refuted the contract sum and claims it will cost less than N9.1 Billion Naira.But The Governor is yet to provide economic importance of a third Office in Lagos

3.That the state should be using its limited funds to develop its state rather than develop and Already developed former National Capital city.

4. That At a time that the country is going through a recession that it will be the height of insensitivity to the plights of the suffering masses in the state for the Govt to spend N9 billion In an elitist office that will be a glorified motel for the state politicians to lodge in Lagos, when the masses lack the basics like good schools, hospitals, power, portable water etc back home.
If govt. is desperate for befitting motel for its politicians in Lagos they could easily renovate one or both of the offices it already has in Lagos for less.

5. The protest in Uyo was the first time in the modern history of the state that such a large group of people has ever massively protested govt. policy. this shows how unpopular the policy is in the state.

From all indication, it seems that the state Governor and his rubber Stamp State Assembly has chosen to ignore the cries of the masses as it has decided to proceed with the project despite the plea of the masses in the state.

attached is the prototype of the officecomplex from the contractor


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