On Monday, July 25, 2016, Ghanaian Nollywood actor John Dumelo spoke with NAIJ.com where he revealed his single status despite giving relationship and marriage tips. Though not married, Dumelo also spoke about parenting.JOHN DUMELO

After reading NAIJ.COM’s interview with Dumelo, a fan who claimed to be the actor’s wife friend simply known as King Ping sent a mail to NAIJ.com reporter saying the respected actor is actually married. The fan also claimed Dumelo and his wife own both Ghanaian and American passport which he had helped them work on in the past. He wrote:

“Dear Madam,   I kindly request you to go back and ask Mr. John Dumelo to be truthful to you about marital status as of today still. I am nobody but the friend of the wife’s who was requested to help obtain an Israeli letter of invitation for him in May. I do not wish to cause any harm in their lives but to know if all the legal documentations they provided to me including passports sharing the same last name, joint bank statements, US id’s were fake. I have never met either one of them but later got to know the wife by Facebook and instagram.

That information has led me to believe they know each other but after I read your interview, I want you to ask him if they are married or were trying to obtain a letter under false information which seems very extreme seeing that they both had legitimate US and Ghanaian passports.”

Is this an exposition on the actor or a figment of the imagination of King Ping time will tell. Dumelo has being in a relationship with fellow actress Yvonne Nelson. The two actors though fell apart in 2015, they have made up.
Read more: https://www.naij.com/910457-exclusive-claiming-single-read-shocking-revelation-actors-status.html

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