When Graham Jacobs appeared in the ABUJA social scene last year, not a few people wondered who he was and what was his pedigree as a man of God. For many Abuja residents who are used to seeing miracle workers, he looked like just one of them.


Chukwunonso a. k. a Graham

Back home, he’s a priest of the community deity, in Abuja he’s a  powerful prophet


He hit the city with a bang. He came in with as many big names in the local Igbo gospel music and also thrilled the people who came to the Old Parade Ground venue of the three day programme with miracles we have now realised now we’re staged.
So who is Graham Jacobs?
The man who claim to be Evangelist Graham Jacobs was indeed born and named Chukwunonso Nwankwudo. His own name is Chukwunonso while his surname is Nwankwudo. Now, till date he has no other legal claim to the other name he claims as all registered documents including his international passport, driver’s license are all in Chukwunonso’s name. To the Nigerian Law, Graham Jacobs does not exist as Chukwunonso has neither done a change of name nor change of identity.
All these may have passed as a normal young man trying to repackage himself to meet the needs of survival. But our findings revealed more
In the last couple of years, a trend has been noticed among some men of God. They come from an idolatry background and given the fact that it is no longer in vogue for people to worship idols or consult the priests, such priests change their garments and their names and become Prophets.
This was exactly what Chukwunonso Nwankwudo did. He was an still is the priest of a diety, Ajana in his village, Amajana Nnando in ANAMBRA state. Indeed, while he has been away doing his new assignment as a pastor, the man who acted on his behalf died and members of his community believed that the man died because Chukwunonso Nwankwudo did not take up his responsibility.
Till date, he is regarded as the priest of Ajana in his community.
The transition from being a priest to an evangelist for Chukwunonso has also been equally interesting.
In our interactions with him, he claimed to have been under an unnamed man of God who was killed in Kano during a riot. He has no verifiable proof that he was ever under any man so described.
He neither went to a school of Theology or any form of institution where biblical teaching were impacted on him. This perhaps explain why he has little or no knowledge of the Bible.
He claimed to have been under Pastor Uma Ukpai, the reverred man of God. When Ukpai came to town, we pestered him to no avail so that we could establish the link, after all he claimed that since age 8-9 he was with him till he was thirteen. He always found a reason to say he could not make it. As if to say that he was the only one called by God, as we got closer to him, we discovered that he has a strong penchant for peddling falsehood about all the other men of God. The OYEDEPOs, the Adeboyes of these world had their secrets in his hands he would always tell you. He would play recordings from his phones swearing that that was a senior pastor confessing to philandering to him.
To the uninitiated, Chukwunonso was indeed a man of God or a man from God as he preferred to be called. He was and still is a Heneiken beer guzzler. And his face is well known in the Abuja red light Zone of Zone 4. Indeed, when some months back, in the process of sharing handbills to promote one of his programmes, his team went to Zone 4 to share handbills, many of the prostitutes who line the streets could not believe the huge joke as they fell over themselves. In derision one of them now revealed, so it is this guy who’s the prophet, he’s our frequent customer now!!!!!
The normal service at the Shabak Centre where the Ruach Gospel Centre hold service every Sunday afternoon was not your run of the meal church. It was and I saw still filled with miracle seekers who wanted quick way to solving problems that have defied solutions. As explained in yesterday’s piece, he was quick to adopt measures that would ensure that there crowd is thrilled. Stages miracles, a lot of worship and attack on perceived enemies of the members or worshippers all helped to ensure that they keep glued to him.
Ajana, his diety worships the soil. Hence any time he wants to place curses or to invoke powers he will ask his client to bring soil from where he lives. Chukwunonso Nwankwudo remains the priest turned Prophet at the Ruach Gospel Centre. His sexual exploits with single and married ladies in the church are stories for another day.
We will also give you an interview with all victim.

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