Another lady has shared her nasty “Dubai porta potty’ encounter,” narrating how she was tricked into the trade of eating feces for money.

We earlier shared the story of how ladies go to Dubai to have sex with Rich Arab men who also poo into their mouth.

They have sex with Arab men who poo from their anus directly into the mouth of these prettt ladies all for dollars. The ladies also have sex with animals like dogs and camels.

Another Ghanaian lady has shared her Dubai Porta Potty experience – which she was tricked into. Because she wasn’t able to go through all the disgusting sexual experiences, she was paid $5,700 instead of $18,000.

Read the full story below;

“Hi Aunty Ama, please keep this a secret for me in the name of God.
I realised i had to let it out when i saw some people air their views on other platforms.

I am also part of the ladys who have been sexually abused in Dubai. i met a lady on facebook who happens to travel there alot because i saw pictures of her on the dessert and all so when we started getting familiar through facebook comment i inbox her and we became friends from there.

She told me later how she make money by goin to dubai and she just sleeps with one person make money and buy clothes and perfumes to come and sell but i told her and that she could take me there when ever she was going. I told her i dont have money but she told me she will pay for me and i pay her bac on our return.. we has gotten so close now so she trusted me.

Hmmm Aunty Ama the very day we went we didnt go to a hotel as she said, we went straight to one big house that belonged to one Arab man. He was excited to see me so i knew that was the man she was about to link me to, that night she left for clubbing with the mans friend. He tied me to the bed in a romantic way and asked me to suck his dick which i did but he womt let me stop and my jaws were coming out he started beating me and telling me i wS going to give him a Mouth Action for an hour so i better cooperate because he was goin to pay me 18,000 dollars.

i suffered but i did, the next minute he sat on my face i tot i was going to smell his anus (so to speak) but he asked me to lick because thats the only way he can come. I was hesitating till he threatened me with a live snake in the room. I had soo much regrets but i was already there, i licked it till poo started coming out and this man asked me to eat it.

I have really suffered my God i still have scars on my body from the whips i got from not just eating everything..he brought a huge dog for me to suck on the genitals and warned that it will chew me if i dont do it well and that ended my life.he then left to his room and started talking to his friend on phone (i knew it was abiut me but i codnt understand the language) Aunt Ama i didnt blink am eye that night.

The following day, my friend insulted me and told me how loose i am booked a flight for me to come bac to Ghana and gave me 5700 dollars .
I haven’t survived this and its been almost a year. I am contemplating on ending my life. I don’t know what to do. I reported to the police here to arrest the lady but they kept tossing me about, one of them told me it was even my fault”.



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