Petition Against Dr Kayode Fayemi by The Ekiti State House of Assembly; a Reminder.

We are here to remind the EFCC about our Petition submitted to their office since October 27th 2016 against the former Governor of Ekiti State, Dr Kayode Fayemi who is now a Minister of Solid minerals of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This petition been the 3rd in the series, (One by the Executive arm Of Govt and 2 from the EKHA) has received no Attention since and left in the cooler By EFCC.

This Petition borders on Various allegations of financial mismanagement in the state during the tenure of Dr Fayemi and most especially the Fraudulent missapropriation of the SUBEB counterpart fund which has led to the blacklisting of Ekiti State since 2013 with serious collateral damages on the primary education sector, the pupils, The teachers, parents and local contractors.

Dr Kayode Fayemi through the wrong handling of this fund breeded poverty in Ekiti State with its attendant consequences on part1, Section 2, of the UBEC act 2004, which guarantee a RIGHT to compulsory free primary Education for all pupils in Ekiti state.

This RIGHT has been abridged, pruned, curtailed and truncated by the actions of Dr Fayemi and the inaction of EFCC to give succour and justice to these less privilege pupils and children of Ekiti state

The APC led federal govt should stop playing to the gallery or been an ostrich on corruption matters that has to do with their officials in Govt.

Their penchant for double face anti corrruption crusade must stop. The Federal Govt should not give the country an impression that they harbour and tolerate corrupt officials. This is unacceptable.

This selective anticorruption fight has turned Nigeria into a laughing stock in the comittee of Nations since the FG has given to the citizens, an impression that some people are above the law. This is also not acceptable.

It’s only the APC led FG that fights allegations of corruption among the opposition with Suphuric Acid while using Cold Water to fight corruption among his own people in govt. This is Deceit and double standards.

The EKHA support an all inclusive anti coruption crusade and we say NO to Favouritism and SELECTIVISM by The FG.

The EFCC as a matter of urgency SHOULD investigate Dr Kayode Fayemi and bring him to book if guilty otherwise we will compel them to be alive to their responsibilities under the Constitution of the FRN and the EFCC act 2004.

Hon. Dr Samuel Omotoso
Chairman House Committee on Information.

Source: http://www.trezzyhelm.com/2017/01/ekiti-state-house-of-assembly-members.html

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