A religious group under the auspices of Save Zakzaky Life has said that following the expiration of a two weeks ultimatum given to the Federal government to release it’s leader, it will now storm the Federal Capital Territory and stage a peaceful and sit around to demand the el-zakzaky1-300x188immediate release of their leader, Sheihk Ibraheem El-Zakzaky.

Recall that the group had issued a two weeks ultimatum followed by a one week ultimatum for the Federal Government to release it’s leader or will storm Abuja in peaceful protest.

According to a statement released by the national coordinator of the group Bashir Marafa yesterday, the group said “We would now storm Abuja in millions, for a peaceful and well organized protest and “sit around”

“Two weeks back, we have given an ultimatum to the Nigerian government, under the leadership of Muhammad Buhari, to release our leader Shaik Ibraheem Zakzaky, who has been in detention since 9 month back, with his wife Zeenatu, while his children as well as over thousands of his armless followers were massacred by the Nigerian armies unjustly.  Additionally, over 200 of his followers are stil in detention in Kaduna prison.

“We can recall, immediately after the massacred, and the sporadic shooting against Shaik  Zakzaky and his arrest, he has been in DSS detention until now, several calls were made to the Nigerian government by well meaning individuals, within and outside Nigeria, to release him, since  the DSS testified that he is not guilty whatsoever. According to them, they are only given him protection against some people attempting to harm him.

“As we always enquire: why has the Nigerian government failed to release Zakzaky, since it testified through it’s agent DSS that he is not guilty? Why has this injustice persist against him, despite the fact that, he is desperately in need of absolute and complete special medical care? Why the Buhari “Junta” government interested in the continued detention of an illustrious Nigerian citizen, peace lover, with sense of humanity and foresight? Why is Zakzaky being humiliated in such a way that his children were shot dead at his presence?

“Indeed, it seems the massacred of Zakzaky’s followers, killing of his six children within one year by the Nigerian armies, and the destruction of his Hussainiyya, his house and many more, are calculated and well planned by the Nigerian government with a zeal to fulfilled the mission of it co-sponsored against him.

“Even though, Sheihk Zakzaky’s life group of Nigeria were pessimistic from the beginning of the ultimatum given to the Buhari government that the allies within the government would never restore to justice, yet we thought Buhari in person, as the Nigeria’s master propagandist will think twice, and release him unconditionally since he is not guilty, so that he will rush for an immediate perfect medical attention. Unfortunately as the ultimatum expires today, (Monday, 3th October), there is no sign of his release.

“At this point, Shaik Zakzaky’s life group would find a suitable time, to storm Abuja in millions, with our children, in what we call: A peaceful and well organized protest and “sit around”, we will never leave the city until our leader is released. Moreover, we are extending invitation to local and international human right organizations, human rights activists, Media, as well as all other individuals with sense of humanity and love to witness and observed a peaceful move, to save the life of our oppressed leader.

“Let us at this juncture make it clearer that; Shaik Zakzaky, for almost 40 years of his struggle to salvage humanity, has never taught violence. He is a peace lover. He thought peace, love of humanity and gave helping hands to the communities among others.

“So, as millions of his followers are coming into Abuja, we are not violent people, we are armless,  our protest and “sit around” is peaceful. We are Nigerians, and we have the right to show our grievances and concerns in peaceful manners.

“The police, soldiers and all other security agencies should take note. They should never harass, or intimidate us. Our slogan is free Zakzaky, our mission in Abuja is to seek the release of our leader, Sheihk Ibraheem El-Zakzaky. Nothing, but that!

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