Nollywood actress, Praise Sam Ogan is a damsel who is loud about her convictions.She is an embodiment of brilliance, beauty and sex appeal. Ogan is not one to hide her opinions, she says it as it is. In this interview, the curvy actress talks about her passion for acting, most challenging movie role, sex before marriage, among other issues.

Have you always wanted to be an actress?

Yes I have always wanted to be an actress. I mean from childhood. I am just an outspoken person so growing up, I was always called to lead kids in church. We act, sing and present. This happened in my childhood. So my love for the camera and the audience came from there.

When did you finally decide that acting was going to be your career?

Some years back I took that decision. I started acting three years back and stopped. I started again in January 2016 with a movie titled Wife for rent.

Have you ever found it difficult to come out of a character you played?

I have never found it difficult to come out of a character.

What will you regard as your most challenging role so far?

A role I acted as an Interior decorator is my challenging role so far. In the movie titled My Prophecy, my makeup was heavy in order to portray the role I played. It was challenging for me because I hate makeup so much. So I wasn’t myself at all .I acted directly with two actors, Yul Edochie and Ken Erics as an upcoming actress

What was it like acting with Yul and Ken?

They made it easy for me. I enjoyed every bit.

Why do you hate makeup?

I don’t know oh, I just don’t like it.

How has your journalism background helped you in your acting career?

Being bold works hand in hand with these two. So facing the camera comes with so much.Journalism has made acting easy for me.

What part of your body gets you the most attention?

My smile and my deep dimples gets me the most attention.

What is that one thing people hardly know about you?

The fact that I sing than I can do any other thing is one thing people hardly know about me. In addition, my marital status is very rare to know.

What is your opinion about pre-marital sex?

I am not holy or perfect but let us face the truth, as a Christian premarital sex is known as fornication, which the holy bible is against. It is wrong. Whatever good you do, you do it for yourself. You do bad? You do it for yourself. It’s a personal race.God would still have mercy on whom he would have mercy.

How far can you go when it comes to playing a romantic role?

I won’t go nude not just because of what people will say, but because I have a family who are more important to me than the world at large. I can only caress. I am even scared of kissing these days because of hepatitis B and so on which kills faster than HIV. A lot of people don’t even know. I am on point with my 3 course vaccine.

Is it possible to do without premarital sex in this generation?

It’s a personal race like I said, I can’t speak for anyone. Celibacy is normal. There are people who are seen as spoilt and wild, but they are celibate.

Can you have sex with your love interest or husband in a movie?

Nobody will do that. I have not seen or heard of that. Even real hubby and wife won’t go having sex in front of a director, DOP, PAs and so on. It’s not possible. You people believe and imagine too much. All we do is just make believe. That’s why it’s a movie. Nothing goes down biko! I have not seen that before. That is why we are good at what we do .If we our acting isn’t genuine, viewers will complain. Now we are trying to make you believe it’s real. Happy imagination to you guys.

Do you intentionally flaunt your boobs on social media?

Very funny, it’s showing by itself. That’s why God kept it at that position. Even if I tie wrapper, it would pop out.

Who are the individuals who inspire you in the movie industry?

Mercy Johnson and Joseph Benjamin inspire me. The passion they put into whatsoever they do inspires me, in the movie world and outside the movie world. The fact that they are down to earth is everything to me.

Have you ever been heartbroken?

Yes, you need to be heartbroken at some point so as to appreciate love when it finally comes your way.

How did you come out of that phase?

I am not the first.There is always a way out. Everybody has his way, I can’t share my way.

Who is Praise behind the cameras?

I can’t even say who I am. I have multiple personalities. But people say am a very bold and outspoken girl. I know am a shy girl. This life is just complicated. If you meet me personally you will find out.

When you are at home, what’s your favorite outfit to wear?

I don’t wear cloths at home to be sincere.

What new projects are you working on?

I call this year, big 2017. I am very sorry to say, all plans and projects are top secrets.

What’s your definition of a sexy woman?

My definition of a sexy woman is a God fearing, clean, confident and cheerful woman.

How has the ongoing recession affected Nollywood?

Recession is now a normal thing .It’s affecting everyone even individuals not just Nollywood. I don’t know much because I am not a movie marketer or a movie producer. I am sure they feel the heat more .I am sure the recession would be dealing with the movie marketers.

How has it affected you?

On a personal level, the recession is not affecting me in any way. No difference. I am still balling in grace.



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