How she was allegedly taken to her former office in handcuffs

When a couple of years ago, Jemila Tangaza, innocent looking but tall and quite pretty stepped into Abuja to pick up a job, she never knew she would end up in big mess. She left her job as a reporter with BBC and in the course of her reportage she had met the late President Umaru Musa Yar Adua and a few powerbrokers and warmed her way into their hearts.JAMILA TANGAZA

Among them was the then CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi who also hailed from Kano State, her home state and FCT Minister, Bala Mohammed. Both of them offered her opportunities to work with them. While the Minister offered her a job as a Special Assistant the CBN Governor gave her an opportunity to be the Director of Communications with a budget running into  tens of billion of Naira.

According to her friends, she virtually had  a team put together to pick which of the jobs she would go for. At the end of the day, they persuaded her to go for the FCT Ministry job in that there were other opportunities embedded where she could pick as much as the whole CBN budget even in a deal. She agreed.

Her beauty and readiness to flaunt it worked for her and she soon became one of the closest aides to the FCT Minister. Her ways did not conform with the way the media was managed here. Not once or twice, she got the Minister into trouble with her claims to more sophisticated urbane media management which ended up creating credibility problems for the Minister. The other staff who she met on the Media table had to keep quiet and watch her since she had the eyes and ears of Bala Mohammed. This was so until Bala moved her to Abuja Geographical Information Systems AEGIS, a body set up to supervise the mapping of FCT and which indirectly supervises the acquisition and allocation of government land. There, Tangaza saw real money.

She had the authority to approve land allocations, deny their existence and or seize and re-appropriate land already appropriated. This body and its predecessors had always been a money spinning organisation where millionaires and billionaires are made. Tangaza was not an exemption. Those close to her claimed that once she got there things changed.

From what the EFCC has found out in the last couple of days, she obviously had a swell time there. She was said to have identified 12 properties she had acquired in the few years she spent at AEGIS for EFCC. The houses were marked yesterday as she personally took them round the houses.

Sources said she was taken round in handcuffs. She had acquired a land in Zone 7 with which she was to build a private television and radio station. She was also said to have opened a Micro Finance Bank in Nasarawa State though using a pseudo name. However when the documentations regarding the ownership of the bank was checked, her number was confirmed as that of the owner even though all the other documents never bore her name. In the bank account alone, a little over one Billion Naira was discovered.

One of the things some observers have claimed really did her in was the relationship with he former First lady as well as the then FCT Minister, Bala Mohammed. The relationship with the latter, it was alleged, led to the collapse of her marriage. Even then, the former Minster’s wife was said to have been so pissed off with the relationship that she swore to Jemila Tangaza that if she ended well that means there is no God.

Because she was very close to former First Lady Patience Jonathan, she became exposed to things which ordinarily she shouldn’t have and also had opportunities which she should not have had as she also served the former First lady in her quest to acquire choice properties.

Ironically, most if not all the properties were marked yesterday by the EFCC as they allegedly took her round town in handcuffs. She was  also taken to her former office where she went to help them with some documents concerning the transactions that took place under her.

Her arrest and continued detention would definitely open another phase in the investigations into the shady land deals that took place while she was at the helm of AEGIS. It is also another irony that while she was at AEGIS she walked round with as many as eight to twelve security aides including unformed mobile policemen and SSS men apart from acquiring bullet proof cars and doors for her office as she claimed that the revolution she was instituting was threatening some people’s existence hence they were after her. Obviously, the same revolution has got her into trouble.

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