Indeed, weird things are happening in Nigeria, which many people know little or nothing about. Sunday Telegraph’s investigations reveal that some Nigerians feel more comfortable sleeping with mad men and women for different reasons and that ritual killers impregnate mad women to ensure uninterrupted supply of newborn babies for their sacrificial needs. CHIJIOKE IREMEKA reveals more

“Where is my baby, where is my baby? They have taken my baby, I will kill everybody!” Those were the verbal frustrations expressed by a mad woman whose girl child was taken away from her by sympathisers to stop her from feeding the newborn with contaminated food and water at Mazamaza in Lagos. Sunday Telegraph’s investigation reveals that the mad woman, who had been there for years, was impregnated by an unknown person.

Eventually, she was delivered of a baby girl, who feed on her dirty breasts. The mad woman also fed the newborn dirty food and water and sympathisers, who couldn’t stand it, took the baby from her and she fought for the custody of her baby.

That is just one of several of such cases. It’s mind boggling that while native doctors and other ritualists tell their clients to sleep with mad people for transfer of spirits, some other ‘sane’ individuals prefer making babies with mad people for other reasons. Of course, they ensure that they take custody of such children immediately after birth.

According to Sunday Telegraph’s investigation, such people fear that accomplices of such practice might rise tomorrow to claim the ownership of the baby or demand lifetime settlement. So, in order to avoid such embarrassment, demand or blackmail for ransom, they choose lunatics over sound men and women as the most convenient for the exercise.

The decision or preference for lunatics over normal people in this practice, may have, perhaps, been buoyed by confirmation by medical health workers that a lunatic can give birth to a normal, healthy and intelligent offspring.

Recently, a married woman, Titi, divorced her husband, Rafiu for impregnating a mad woman, who died out of the complications of pregnancy in Ikotun Egbe area of Lagos State.

Titi knew about the ugly development when her husband was arrested and charged with murder. Thus, the 13-year-old marriage clashed when Titi filed a suit before a Customary Court sitting in Ejigbo and seeking dissolution of the marriage.

The mother of four noted that she could no longer cope with the behaviour of the man and prayed court to disolve he marriage. Sequel to this, the Magistrate, Akano, who presided over the matter said the relationship has been irretrievably broken and dissolved the marriage. He ruled that both Titi and Rafiu should take care of the children, two children, each.

Also, a certain relationship between the lunatics and native doctors, whereby some mad people aid the work of native doctors, was discovered in this investigation. They seem to work as traditional medicine manufacturers in most cases, may be their involvement in the spiritual affairs makes it possible.

This implies that some of them have not really lost their senses; their insanity may be considered ‘an encounter with the spirit’ for a specific assignment.

Recently, a lunatic turned native doctor in Anambra State was said to have discovered herbs for the treatment of stroke and diabetics.

There was also the case of Chief Hilary Eduogu, a native of Umugama Village in Umuchu town, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, whose stint of temporal madness, sent him back home. It was said that the gods of his forefathers cast a spell of madness on him in order to bring him back to the village to serve them.

According to Kayode Adekanla, a spiritualist, there are a number of reasons native doctors ask their clients to sleep with lunatics after performing certain rituals for them. He told Sunday Telegraph, “One of my aunties is a native doctor and she taught me a lot of things, and I have heard her say a number of deep things. “There is an understanding that mad people live with spirits, which one can’t see.

So, for you to be able to commune with the spirits, they will ask you to sleep with a mad person, and in that case, there will be transfer of spirits and possibilities, which makes one to see in the spirit.

“Again, it’s believed that charm doesn’t work against them and if there is a transfer of the spirits, the persons will have the same protection and liberty that the mad persons have to eat even poisoned food and get away with it.

Do you know why people, who are strong in the spirit, always appear in dream in form of mad people, or in the spirit of mad people? “Some of them, when you call them in a native doctor’s monitoring mirrors or water, they come out very violent in the spirit or in likeness of mad men or women.

This is what I can tell you for now. There is more to it that I can explain to you but you should also know that it’s not easy to get anything from Satan without paying dearly for it. You know the rest.”

In the same vein, Pastor Victor Okafor of Vision of God Bible Church, considers why native doctors may tell their clients to sleep with lunatics. He described such as a price to be paid for getting wealth or protection from Satan, adding that Satan gives with left hand and collects back with right hand.

He said, “It’s a punishment for getting certain things from Satan. It’s a price that you must pay. In most cases, when the clients, those seeking spiritual solutions from the native doctors, didn’t do what they were asked to do by their gods, their gods would take away everything given to them.

“Having said this, a mad man is made up two spirits. The spirits enable him to commune with man and spirits.

You can’t see the spirit but when you go into a mad person, you will begin to see the spirits that work in him. Again, they want to put forgettable torture in you that each time you remember that you slept with mad persons, it sends some disgusting signals all over your body. “So, it’s a punishment and at the same time, it’s a seal for their covenant.

That means, they have covenanted themselves to the spirit of madness and when they breach the covenant, they will automatically go insane because they are in covenant with madness.”

Offspring of insane people are usually healthy and sound

Also, demystifying the mysteries behind making babies with mad people, Dr. Alabi Adeleja, said, “Medically, pregnant women are supposed to be given anti tetanus injections three times before delivery, including mad women but only God understands what happens in their own case that they go through normal gestation period without any form of treatment and still have healthy children.

“It’s only God that understands why the pregnant mad women are healthy throughout the period, even when they don’t access regular antenatal care, or take routine drugs, which normal women are subjected to. Yet, they give birth to healthy babies. To me, it’s a mystery of God rather than medical.

“They go through the pregnancy, have their babies safely and even take care of their babies. If not God, how can one explain the fact that they fed their babies dirty water and still breastfeed them with the same dirty breasts? When you see them, they cover their babies with dirty clothes and protect them in their own little way.

“On several occasions, when they give birth, their children are healthy without any medical issue.

But to take care of the children properly, we try to take the babies away for proper medical care. Medically, we drug them to be able take their babies. It’s very risky to take their babies away while they are awake because they go violent in order to recover their babies, and their mental disabilities get worse. “They go violent because they are glued to them. I experienced one on the Lagos Island, precisely, at CSM under bridge.

As I was coming back from work that fateful evening, I saw some workers of a nongovernmental organisation (NGO), who picked up a mad woman’s baby while the woman was asleep. “It was the same week the baby was born. They had been monitoring the woman.

Eventually, she fell asleep but as they tried to pick the baby, she woke up, maybe due to the noise that she heard when they were about taking the baby, and you need to see how she scattered everybody in anger.

The madness doubled, she went really violent and at this point, one couldn’t get close at all.” Speaking on the increasing rates of pregnancies among mad women in the society, a volunteer social health worker and a medical doctor with Havana Hospital, Lagos Island, Dr. Ngozi Obiora, said: “Some childless men, sometimes in agreement with their wives and in most cases solitarily, sleep with mad women in a bid to make babies.

“I speak to you from experience. I have been in this job for years and I can authoritatively tell you that it’s more convenient for these men and women to sleep with mad people and make babies.

Some of them said that they prefer to make babies with mad people than get a friend or relatives that will blackmail them for life. These are both rich and well-educated Nigerians.

A lot are happening in this country, yet those, who have, can’t honour God for the gift. “It’s convenient in the sense that nobody comes to claim the ownership of the babies in the future.

It’s quite disgusting but they prefer to dispel that initial abhorrence to sleep with them for children. How do they do this, you might want to know? Sometimes, they pretend to be nice to these mad people by giving them money, food and all manner of things. So, when the mad women, likewise the men, get accustomed to them, they will sleep with them easily.

“Sometimes, they behave like mad people to be able to sleep with them. On the other hand, they might even drug them and take them to a safe place and clean them up. After the intercourse, they will begin to monitor the woman and the pregnancy. When it gets to nine months, they will inform certain NGOs that will go and ‘catch’ them for rehabilitation and possible birth. Afterwards, they adopt them.

“But if they allow the mad woman to give birth to the baby in the dirty environment, they dispossess her of the baby in a very swift manner and run to the hospital, where the baby will be cleaned up and taken to the intensive care unit, where it will be given antibiotics drip to clear its system.

Medically, we drug their food and even their water to dispossess them of their babies.” Speaking on their immune system and why they find it difficult to get infected by the things they eat, she said, “Most of them have infections and eventually die of the infections. But it all boils down to immune system of the mad person to fight the infections.

Even as we think that they have stronger immune system than normal persons, you will be surprised that if you eat what they eat, you may not get any infection when your immune system is high. It’s just that you won’t have the courage to do it. “Apart from the mystery of God in preserving them, ignorant is another key factor that preserves them because they do not know what they do. To them, they are not dirty and that’s why a mad person will come and tell normal person that he or she is insane. What an irony.

However, they get sick and in some cases, die of infections. It’s all about immunity. They can die of AIDS even when they do not have HIV.” Corroborating her, Mrs. Udechukwu Uka noted that it was a tug of war and a battle to recover what belongs to her that made a mad woman to destroy people’s goods and property, when her newborn was taken away from her at Mazamaza, on the Old Ojo Road, along Mile 2-Badagry Road, Lagos. She said: “I felt for that mad woman because I can imagine what she was going through.

She was weeping and fighting. She charged at the sympathisers who took her baby away, saying, ‘they have taken my baby, I will kill everybody.’ “The mad woman was scooping dirty water on the baby but the sympathisers, who lacked the skills, forcedly dispossessed her of her baby and she went gaga and started destroying people’s goods in a bid to get her back baby.”

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