The Lugbe land case took another new dimension yesterday as Policemen from Lugbe Police station working under the orders od the DPO arrested fivr workers at the construction site where the same DPO had earlier given the owner a clean bill to start work.

What makes the case interesting is the fact that the same DPO had a few days earlier offered to provide security to the same site after he met its owner.

The DPO according to our source, requested for more money which the owner of the plot was not willing to part with since he knew his papers were genuine.

Based on the development, the Police DPO was allegedly to have gone to the site to order workers to stop. When the owner of the site called to find out why, he asked his deputy to speak with him and asked when he would bringbthe money. Infuriated, the guy decided that he would not budge. Faced with failure, he moved in yesterday by sending his men to arrest all the men on site. Abujareporters reliably gathered that the men were not released yesterday as he refused to let them go unless their boss shows up.

Already a report is expected to be filed against him before his superiors this morning.

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