Former Governor of Niger State, Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu has disclosed that he is being investigated, saying investigations into the financial activities of his administration by the Governor Abu Sani Bello government of the state is necessary to keep the records straight.

*Gov Aliyu Babangida of Niger State
*Ex-Gov Aliyu Babangida of Niger State

Aliyu, made this clarification on Monday, in Abuja when journalists sought his side of the story over reports of alleged investigation by the sitting governor.

Aliyu, popularly called the Servant Leader, while he held sway as governor, explained that the governor is doing the needful, adding that it is not a witchhunt as many believe.

Babangida Aliyu further disclosed that it is a routine exercise for the purpose of balancing records properly.

According to him; “I am under investigation. For me, it is a normal process of balancing facts on documents with reality on ground. I did it to my predecessor and that helped in projecting achievements of the government I took over from.

“It is indeed interesting to intimate that investigations present scorecards and not necessarily what people misunderstand as confirmation of crime committed by past administrations.

“Records are available for vetting and every detail of government activities during my eight years as governor has been documented for scrutiny. I will continue to support his administration to succeed.

“The investigation will not affect my relationship with the incumbent governor. I will always avail myself anytime he needs my input. All I want is the success of my dear state,” he declared.

The former governor also expressed deep sympathy for his successor, Governor Abu Sani Bello over economic realities which has made payment of workers salaries an uphill task.

Aliyu said that the challenge of paying salaries started towards the end of his administration, adding that the situation is indeed a nightmare for every governor.

According to him, what comes into the state is not enough to take care of workers salaries.

Continuing he said, “I can understand what my successor is passing through especially on the issue of payment of salaries. When I was finding it difficult to pay workers salaries at the close of my administration, not many people saw reasons why I had to take loans to augment what we got from the Federal Government.

“When my governor said he was finding it difficult to pay salaries, some people misunderstood him. I know he was telling the honest truth. The allocation to Niger state has plummeted to N600m. Niger is a state that depends largely on handouts from the center and the only option left is to borrow pending when the present economic challenges normalize”

Responding to question on his perception of Governo Bello’s performance so far, the former governor said his successor is on the right track.

He however regretted that incumbent governor lacks the funds to achieve beyond what he has been able to do since he assumed office.

Aliyu said, “I am happy he is on the right path and with favorable economic climate he will achieve more. I am a Nigerlite and nothing can change that fact.

“If my governor fails, it will affect me deeply. Political party affinity is not important once it comes to working towards building a vibrant Niger state. It is indeed my duty to pray for him to achieve,” he stated.

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