By Umar Umar, Gombe
Following the crisis in the All Progressive Congress in Gombe state chapter, the defunct Congress for Progressive Change members has form a group call Adalchi group with aim to strength their support to Buhari led administration.
The Chairman of the group, the former member house of Representative representing Gombe, Kwami and Funakaye Alhaji Khamisu Ahmed Mailantarki disclosed while speaking with Newsmen in Gombe, said that the form the group in effort to strength their support to Buhari led administration in the state and save the party from the crisis.
“Considering the uncertainty of the party leadership in the state in terms of loyalty and support to Buhari and his government coupled with fear of betrayal there is need for us as CPC members to resist and denounce the party leaders at the state level who are jeopardizing the effort and policies of the Buhari led administration”, he said.
Mailantarki said that APC as emerged as a result of merger of three political party with a group call new PDP, but in Gombe state only the new PDP group hijack the party from ward to the state in this view they come together and form the group to protect the policies of Buhari and their right as member in the Party.
“The  members of the CPC were shut out as none of the CPC member emerged in the APC executive committee or structures from the unit, wards, local government, state and national level and none of the CPC member is allowed to contest in any position during the general election in 2015”, he said.
According to him, “The Party leaders in the state did not live up to expectation as a result of fictionalizing of the party that compelled the national leadership to dissolved some four key positions in the state and constituted a caretakers committee from our neighbouring states”.
He also all new members that decamp to the party and advised them to ensure that there entrance will add value to the party at the state and National level but not to fuel the crisis of the party.
If its recalled that the APC Gombe state cold war started between the supporters of Senator Goje and Senator Nafada, which degenerated to a level, where each of the opposing factions has suspended one another from the party.
On Monday 6th July, 2015, the Gombe State Party Secretary, Alhaji Manu Salau Pindiga announced the suspension of the State Chairman, Barrister Muhammed  Magaji Doho and 17 others over the allegation of  anti-party activities, gross misconduct and incompetence.
Two hours after the announcement of his suspension, the State Chairman, Barrister Daho called a Press briefing and dismissed Senator Goje and 11 others for not respecting the party constitution and for misconduct.

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