Four Babymamas Impregnated By Same Babydaddy Pose For Photos With Their Kids

Information Nigeria / 5 hours ago

The four Babymamas with their kids

A woman based in the United states has shocked social media users after she posted photos of her and her other babymamas who were impregnated by the same babydaddy.

Shiatina Brown has been bombarded with questions by people since she posted the photos.

Brown while sharing the photo wrote: “Same Daddy ? Diff Mamas ?? But We All They Know ? It’s All About Them ?? Them Ingram Boys ?? #EverythingTommy ❗️

Their IG : Ingrammboys 

SC & IG : Shiatinaa

❗️PSA .. We Dgaf What U Wouldn’t Do Or How You Feel ???? ❗️.”

However, many people have condemned the women for allowing one man to impregnate them all without him marrying them.

Reacting to criticisms from people, she added:

“Let me make some shit clear Idgaf who don’t like it who wouldn’t do it … We ain’t Y’all ? why y’all really mad ? BECAUSE we not pulling each other weave out on video? Or arguing over a bd?

That’s the BLACK community for u nobody said we were best friends but we get along and talk for the sake of our kids they did a photoshoot we took a pic together at the end not a big deal we ain’t NEVER been no SISTERWIVES ? AND nobody bashed him or called him a dead beat the ppl did that themselves they asked where he was at I said “ Atlanta “ Because He Was But I’m not gone defend nobody that got two hands and a phone & see the same shit …

And these government assistance jokes ??‍♀️ I Make $12 Something A hour with my lil job with good benefits I can’t get foodstamps I DON’T have him on child support I pay a FULL rent I’m NOT On section 8 ? but y’all know my life ???? they don’t pay y’all for y’all opinions.”


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