Director of Child Development, Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Alaba Fadairo, who made this revelation recently in Lagos, said they decided to keep the babies until they come of age.

Fadairo, spoke on the topic, Sex and Sexuality, as a guest speaker during a programme, Talents for Master’s Use, organised by the Redeemed Evangelical Mission, Alimosho.

“Anybody can sexually abuse you. Your father, his friends, drivers, teachers can abuse you. I know there are also good fathers. I am only trying to caution our children. I have four children who were impregnated by their fathers and they have put to bed. We have kept the babies apart until the girls are old enough to decide if they want to keep their babies or not. One fundamental thing we have discovered is that people close to children constitute a major percentage of those who abuse children,’’ she said.

“Abusers are very friendly with children. Their power is in the ignorance of children. The abuser knows that you don’t know that he is dangerous. When someone starts giving you sweets and taking you to solitary places, he or she may be an abuser. Whoever tells you not to tell your parents about him or her is an abuser. It could be an uncle or aunty. Run away or shout,’’ she added.

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