Furore over retainment of Petroleum Ministry Perm Sec After she Officially Retired…


Did President Muhammadu Buhari truly direct that the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum Ministry go back to her desk for a year about one week after she had retired from the civil service? Is it legal or is it not against laid down civil service procedures for a staff who had submitted her retirement letter, got approval and then leave office only to be drafted back a week after she had left office to come back to the same office and occupy the same post?


These are the many questions the civil servants in the Ministry of Petroleum Resources would attempt to seek answers to in the next couple of days as they handle the sudden and unwanted return of their immediate past Permanent Secretary who they thought was gone for good.
The Permanent Secretary who by marriage hails from Kano was said to have retired from the Federal Civil Service on 17th February and the civil servants in the Ministry were said to have heaved a sigh of relief as she was reputed for her high handedness.
The leadership of the civil servants have planned to meet tomorrow with abide to examining the development and how to ensure that Buhari’s name is not used to perpetuate illegality as they suspected that the President could not have approved the tenure elongation unless someone advised him wrongly.

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