A group of Nigerian students studying in China under the auspices of Coalition of Nigerian Students in China (CNSC), has denied claims that Nigerians in the country are being harassed the Chinese government.

President of the group, Umar Abukabar, in a statement made available to the media on Monday, in Abuja, denounced statements purportedly issued by other Nigerian groups in China in which they claimed that they were being maltreatment unjustly.

The students criticized that behaviour of such Nigerians, affirming that they are as bad guest of the Communist government.

According to Abubakar, such claims do not represent the views and opinions about the Chinese government.

“Most of these other group are hardly known to us and we doubt if they exist at all,” Abubakar stated.

He bemoaned the frequent statements being issued by different groups against the Chinese government, noting that it was unbecoming of foreigners living in another man’s country.

“If truly they are being maltreated as claimed what are they still doing here? The Chinese government is our host and it bespoke of a bad guest to constantly harangue your host in this manner while you are still a guest in the country,” the statement read.

He noted that as President of Nigerian students in China there was no truth in the prevailing stories that Nigerians are being harassed in China.

On a recent incident involving some Nigerians in Guangdong,  he explained, “What happened in Guangdong should be seen as an isolated incident, and most of Nigerians that were denied accommodation is because they refused to adhere to the stringent measures put in place by the Chinese government to curtail the spread of the coronavirus.

“Unfortunately, many Nigerians are capitalizing on it to demonized the Chinese government.”

He said that the successes the Chinese government have achieved in curtailing the spread of the virus was because of these very stringent measures.

“How do you think China was able to defeat the virus? many other nationals have been adhering to these new rules without questions, why Nigerians think they should be treated differently and can now dictate to the Chinese government how to run their country beats ones imagination,” he stated.

He said that as President of Nigerian students in China there was no case of any Nigerian student facing discrimination or molestation.

“Many of us appreciate the efforts of the Chinese government in seeing to our welfare. We have been fully provided for and in most cases the Chinese government have borne the extra cost of our upkeep especially during the lockdown in some provinces.

“Amazingly the efforts of the Chinese government has ensured that no Nigerian student has so far contracted the virus and we hope it remains so.”

He noted that if there were genuine grievances among Nigerian living in China, there are appropriate mechanism for dealing with them rather than constant media statements.

“Each time we come across such statement it is an embarrassment not just to us but our host who sincerely don’t deserve this media trial,” he said.


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