..describes him as fraudster

The royal family of Obong Sampson Udo Idiong of Ata Obio Akpa, Oruk Anam L. G. A. has openly disowned one Mr. Felix Sampson, describing him as a fraudster and political beggar who is mischievous in all his life, and was never a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Igbere Tv reports.

The Idiong ‘s family was responding to the recent publications in two local newspapers with the Headline: “Gov.Udom’s Father-in-law Defects to APC” and a radio interview where Mr. Felix Idiong was reported to have announced the defection of the entire family to the APC , instead of his own wayward defection that was purely motivated by greed and selfishness.

In a Press Statement signed by all the 27 members of the family and sent to Igbere Tv, the family acknowledged that the prodigal Felix Idiong who was cursed by his late father when he criminally embezzled money that was meant for water project and bought a car in 1992 acted as he has always done, revealing that he has no qualifications as an Engineer as he claims.

The statement further revealed that Mr. Felix Idiong was sometime involved in drug crime when he was sent to go and study Business Administration in Italy, a crime that necessitated his shameful deportation to the country.

The family wondered why Mr. Felix Idiong, the lost sheep of the family would go to such a needless length of sabotage to destroy the long-standing good image and reputation the royal family had over the years built for itself, without his contributions.

They noted that this act of sabotage is a clear violation of the age-long tradition of “Ukot”, “Iman” and “Eyeyen” which he is fully aware of, but mischievously trampled upon with the deepest of greed leading the way for him.

The royal family however said that they are strong supporters of the PDP, as well as Gov. Udom, their in-law , whom they described as a-life- touching Governor. They cited the Health Centre in Ata Obio Akpa village and the General Hospital in Ikot Okoro, all in Oruk Anam L.G.A. as some of the meaningful projects Gov. Udom Emmanuel has provided for the people of the area.

The family therefore, called on the people of the state to disregard the publications and the mendacity of the black sheep of the family, saying they are with the Governor in his second term bid and would do everything legitimate to ensure that he wins in 2019 general elections .They further said having benefited from Gov. Udom and their beloved daughter, Mrs. Martha Udom through numerous community projects that have impacted on the lives of the people of the area, they were compelled by a good sense of reason and sensibility to stand by them beyond 2019.

See statement below.

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