It was like a mirage, when one Isa Hamma of ChaffaJaule village in Fufore local government area of Adamawa State presented himself at the Jimeta Clinic and Maternity for an ailment. After diagnoses, he was issued with drugs and disADAMAWA GOV 2charged and asked to come back after three days for follow up.

According to the elder brother of the victim, MallamUmaru Isa Yahya, he said that when they came back for the follow up on the appointed date, the doctor handling the case at the clinic, Doctor Yakubu Hassan, after clinical observation, told them that the ailment required surgical operation and it would cost N50,000,00.

Umaru said they went and mobilised the money and the surgery was carried out, however the victim could not urinate resulting to swelling of his body.

“On seeing the condition of the patient, he, (the doctor) referred us to the Federal Teaching Hospital, Gombe on the account that the case was beyond his limit” he said

Yahya added that at the Federal Teaching Hospital, Gombe, the medical personnel said “kidneys of the victim were removed after he underwent surgical nephrectomy at the Jimeta Clinic and can only survive if another kidney is planted in him or he begins to live on hemodialysis,” and referred them to Federal Medical Centre, Yola on account of its proximity.

He stated that they now spend not less than N40, 000, 00 on a weekly basis for the dialysis at the Federal Medical Centre ,Yola and solicited for assistance from well spirited individuals to enable the patient continue surviving on dialysis.

Contacted on the issue, the doctor, who handled the case at the Jimeta Clinic, Doctor Yakubu Hassan, confirmed that the said patient was operated because of an ailment that has nothing to do with kidneys.

He said based on the nature of the case, he referred them to a consultant at the Federal Teaching Hospital, Gombe.

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