In recent times, the serene environment of the Federal Capital Territory is now becoming somewhere people are now more security conscious following an increase in the rate of ritual activities especially within the satellite towns While some were lucky to escape, others were not. Of late, no day passes by without awful tales of lucky victims who in one way or the other had escaped the hands of ritual killers.

FCT residents reacting to the rise in the deadly, evil trend have continued to blame the economic hardship confronting the country as a major contributive factor to the heightened need of some heartless individuals to acquire quick wealth. A young mother of two who declined her name on print, just recently escaped death in the hands of her captors after spending almost two days at an unknown location.

Narrating her ordeal to Inside-FCT she said “That fateful Monday evening on my way back from Lokogoma, I made a brief stop at Dutse Alhaji for the weekly Dutse market to get some things for the house. “On my way to Bwari where I stay, I boarded a vehicle.

The last thing I remember after boarding was there were two men besides the driver and a lady in the golf car and the man seated beside me had greeted me and I responded. “Next thing I remembered was finding myself in a strange dark environment filled with different bones and skulls of human beings. As I slowly became conscious of where I was, I noticed I was covered with some whitish substance chained to a pole and all alone in what I will call a shrine surrounded with hideous carvings  and images.

“Immediately I started crying, praying to God to save me and screaming out for help all at the same time. I was so confused, I couldn’t understand how and when I got to where I was. Suddenly a man cladded only in a tiny material came into the shrine with his back, came over to me, turned my head back and forth and spat on my face. “I reacted violently but there was not much I could do given my state of captivity, the man laughed out loud and simply said I should get ready to bring happiness to someone soon.

He went into an inner room I don’t know for how long before he stepped out only to return with another strange man. “The second man approached me, asked me to cooperate and slowly unchained me. As I laid down weak and thinking how best to escape a gruesome death I quietly began to pray again. Shortly after the first man rubbed some concoction on my forehead, they both stepped into the inner room where they began some serious argument.

I cant make out what they were saying, all I remember was I crawled out of the place into the bush outside where after a long while I stumbled onto a settlement where I was washed, given some dark liquid to take, clothed and assisted to the nearest police station. “It is not easy telling this story; I am very scared boarding vehicles, for a while now I refuse to go out without my husband by my side.

Please, we need to be careful, I used to read, hear and even watch these kind of things before Telenovela took over our screens but never imagined I would ever be caught up in it. Please pray every morning before leaving the house, not everything seems to be the way we see them,” she advised. Another FCT resident, Helen Oduah, said, “these things are real, I also know of a friend who passed through similar ordeal in the hands of perceived ritual killers” “Recently I have also been hearing such tales from different people at different locations.

The town is actually not safe anymore, everybody should watch their backs, try and be more sensitive to your environment especially when it involves boarding vehicles”, she said. Pa Andrews Ugheoke speaking to Inside- FCT said, “the economy is harsh, young men are beginning to resort more to devilish means to keep the cash flowing forgetting nemesis will catch up with them sooner or later.

“Yes, I have been hearing about these ritual killings for a while now but it seems to have increased. Every day you hear of missing people what do you think, most of them are victims of these sort of things” “There are some very dangerous locations in Abuja, the police are aware of most of these locations and hideout of criminals but they do nothing

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