Many of them must have been used to doing it. Unknown to them, the cart and the mouse game between the National Assembly and the Federal government coupled with increasing circumspection of members of the Federal cabinet meant that it was no longer government as usual. gathered that many of the removed heads of  parastatals lost their jobs over the way and manner they inflated the budgets of their departments as presented to the National Assembly. They were alleged to have been quickly sought out by the EFCC after comparisons were done between the budget heads submitted to the President by their ministries and those allegedly presented to the Senate.

The President was said to have felt seriously embarrassed that anomalaies of such magnitude could take place right under his nose despite his proclamation that it would be business unusual during his tenure. Apart from their removal, some of the heads of Parastatals might be heading for jail given the magnitude of funds stolennor diverted under their watch in their respective departments.

The head of one parastatal was said to have donated 1billion Naira tonthe Jonathan Campaign organization while another manouvred contractors into paying about 6billion Naira into the Campaign organization’s  funds. The NTA boss was allegedly caught in his own web as he refused to allow payment for Buhari adverts to be aired on NTA despite the fact that the Buhari Campaign Organization brought money. To cap it all there are overwhelming evidence to show that he diverted equipment meant for NTA to his own personal radio and television station which he is working on.

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