A report by Transparency International has revealed that the growth of Boko Haram insurgency and other extremists groups in different countries across the world such as Libya and Iraq are aided by corruption in these society.

FILE PHOTO: A car burnt in the streets of Borno state by Boko Haram insurgents in northeast Nigeria

Vanguard reports that this was revealed by the international anti-corruption watchdog in a 44-page report titled “The Big Spin”.

According to the report, extremist organisations like Boko Haram in Nigeria draw on public anger at the abuse of power as a means to radicalise and recruit.

It noted further that such groups also use corrupt officials and their links to organised crime to facilitate financial and arms flows.

Additionally, corrupt practices also destroy state institutions whose duty it is to check extremist forces.

The report read: “Radical movements like ISIS thrive when people lose all faith in those in power — when officials profit from the misery of the many, when the police exploit rather than protect, and when economic opportunity is skewed in favour of the connected few.”

For instance, the report noted that Islamic State tries to portray itself as a countervailing force for political integrity and reliable public service delivery.

“Too many Western governments focus on seeking to influence or moderate the behaviour of corrupt autocrats because they see them as an alternative to instability.

“But in the end, corrupt governments are the architects of future security crises.”

Meanwhile, a witness in the corruption trial of Justice Adeniyi Ademola has alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari gave the embattled judge N500,000 while his certificate controversy was pending before the judge.

Some persons had filed a suit challenging Buhari’s candidacy prior to the 2015 elections, alleging the president had no secondary school certificate as required by law.

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