Camero o n i a n government has arrested four Nigerian ladies allegedly heading to Russia with a notorious Camerounian sex workers’ trafficker for prostitution. The girls, who were housed in a flat in Cameroon, while their travel documents were being processed, they ran out of money and food and had to tell their plight to some Cameroonian residents.image

According to a Camerounian Radio and Television (CRTV) website, the trafficker identified as Eyambe Sona was arrested by the Cameroonian gendarmes in possession of the four Nigerian ladies between ages 19 and 24 years.

The Divisional Officer for Muyuka Sub Division, Tambe Tabot got intelligence from an informant and went into discrete investigations on Sona who was also found in possession of fake documents. After intensive interrogation, the accused was identified as a member of a criminal gang involved in trafficking sex workers to Europe.

The Nigerian girls were lodged in a hidden hotel in the region of Muyuka in Cameroon. One of the girls, who identified herself as Patriarch Eyambe (19), said they were all from Nigeria and were directed on the phone call by Sona.

She said that on arrival in Cameroon, they were lodged in a single hotel room for about two weeks without any positive sign of the alleged trip to Moscow in Russia. Sona is presently in police custody while the four girls have been handed over to the Nigerian Consulate in Buea for repatriation to Nigeria.

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