Despite spirited attempts at denial, The Boss can authoritatively reveal that the highly celebrated wedding between the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi and Olori Wuraola Zynab has hit the rocks.
Friends close to the royal couple are of the firm belief that not even a huge mountain of cement would do to mould their ailing union as they have begun living separate lives.
Our sources have also confirmed that while Olori Wuraola Zynab Otiti is currently in far away Abuja, the nation’s capital, the Ooni remains at home in Ile-Ife, and that the next time she will be heading to the ancient University town will be to ship her belongings out of the Palace.
We can confirm that the marriage has been shaky for a long time and that the admired royal spouses were putting up appearances, hoping that a miracle would provide some spark to
revive their dying union.
Our sources said that their relationship took off on a false foundation from the get-go. We
were told that Oba Ogunwusi proposed to Wuraola 24 hours after they met. He reportedly told her that Ifa (The oracle ) had informed him that she was going to be his wife.
This frontal attack really shocked Wuraola, who at the time was enjoying her independent life as a high-flying society lady, but after much pressure, fell for him.
Now, her friends are claiming that they believe that Oba Ogunwusi, who needed a sizeable financial war chest in his battle to become Ooni of Ife, was actually targeting her wealth and wide contacts.
We also gathered that at that time and even afterwards, he constantly threatened her with charms, claiming that he had eaten a live human heart, and had therefore acquired powers both to do and undo. They also alleged that he has a tempestuous character and many times barely stopped short of beating her whenever arguments ensued between them.
We were told that one matter that always caused rifts in their home was her constant advice that the monarch clean up his act concerning his business dealings.
She had reportedly raised an alarm that too many of his business dealings had a lot of question marks hanging over them, and that it was high time he began to live aboveboard so as not to to drag the dignified office of the Ooni into disrepute. We gathered from a reliable source close to the couple that this often infuriated the Kabiyesi.

 Tunde Ayeni (Mentioned)

On their part, Palace sources said the rumpus that has caused this royal rumble is the allegation of infidelity leveled against Olori Wuraola. She is reportedly currently caught in the middle of a love triangle.
The story is that any time she is in Lagos, the wife of the Ooni is always found in the company of Mr. Dapo Abiodun, a businessman, whose wife, Mina is the daughter of Toru Ofili, (former Commissioner in Rivers State).The story is that they are romantically-linked
As if that is not enough, she has also been accused of an amorous affair with Mr Tunde Ayeni, the former Skye Bank Chairman, who has his hands in several chunky business pies including Real Estate, Telecommunications and Power.
Our sources stated emphatically that these cases of infidelity are the major reasons for the problems in the royal household.
Mr Dapo Abiodun…mentioned in the saga


However, friends of the Olori have stoutly defended her against these allegations, branding them as attempts to rubbish her and tarnish her image.
A number of them who spoke with The Boss told us that the Olori has been deeply hurt by the accusations of infidelity, revealing that though she has vowed not to say a word because of her commitment to protect the dignity of the Royal institution, she will be forced to open an earth-shaking can of worms if provoked further with such wild allegations.
A source close to the palace stated that childbearing was another issue that caused friction in the marriage. The Ooni kicked out his first wife, Adebisi Adebukola Bombata because they had no child. The couple was married for eight years (2008-2016) and his family believed that he needed to find someone who will bear him children which was how Wuraola came into the picture.
Now a year, and a few months down the line, Wuraola has still not become pregnant, and many are wondering what or who should be blamed?
Dapo Abiodun and wife, Toru Ofili


Even before their March 12, 2016 wedding, the relationship had been dogged by controversies. Olori Wuraola who was fondly called Sonia was allegedly married to a Lebanese, Elie Khouri, and she dumped him for the Ooni. She was also linked to other wealthy men. Her enemies said she is fond of hopping from men to men. Not a few believed that the marriage was bound to hit the rocks sooner than later as the two were seen as both playing to the gallery, and built the relationship on deceit.
Again, her friends told us that this stories were just a smear campaign that is very far from the truth.
Speaking to, an online medium yesterday, Ooni Ogunwusi insisted that his marriage is still intact. His Press Secretary, Moses Olafari told us that the Palace will not respond rumours of a separation, but our findings from multiple sources now points to the fact that indeed, the Royal Wedding has hit the rocks.

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