A 45 year old woman Cecilia Ajayi had approached the Ig­ando customary court to dissolve his 20 year old marriage to her husband, John Ajayi for raping her younger sister.
Mrs Ajayi narrated how her husband of 20 years at­tempted to rape her sister.
She said, “My sister left the house without any no­tice. I checked where she keeps her belongings and noticed that she has packed up all her things. I became worried as I kept calling and her phone was not connecting. When I even­tually succeeded in reach­ing her, he told me that she had to pack because for a long time my husband has been harassing her sexu­ally and she kept avoiding him, she said she couldn’t tell because she didn’t want to break my home but that when he eventually suc­ceeded in raping her that she didn’t have a choice other than to pack out of the house.
She left because my husband succeeded in rap­ing her.
She said that her hus­band and father of three, John Ajayi has become leg­endary for infidelity
“My husband is a serial womanizer, he brings girls, all kinds, nursing moth­ers, divorcees in our home and on many occasions he and his lovers had beaten me up whenever I tried to stop them from coming to the house.
“He even impregnat­ed one of the women. At a point, he sent me pack­ing saying that he could no longer cope with an illiter­ate.”
The president of the court, Adegboyega Omilo­la adjourned the case to July 12 for further hearing.

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