How newborn went missing in Kogi hospital

 Mother: My baby was stolen

Mrs Laruba Drisu from Ofakaga in Ofu LGA of Kogi State like any other expectant mother eagerly looked forward to cuddling her new baby after 9 months of pregnancy.

That expectation was however shattered after her successful delivery at a private health facility, Peniel Maternity Clinic Anyigba in Dekina LGA of the state.

The baby disappeared moments after delivery without the mother having the opportunity of seeing it not to talk of cuddling it.

Narrating her experience, the traumatized mother said, “Labour started on Sunday May 20 at about 7am. My husband and I went to the hospital together. As labour progressed, he went back home to bring items required for my delivery but before he came back, I had already given birth.

“When I delivered, it was mummy’s (matron of the maternity) cloth that was used to wrap my baby.  When my husband came back with his mother, he was very happy to see our newborn baby.

“However, I started bleeding so mummy gave me injection and also put a drip. When the bleeding subsided, mummy told the nurse (Rebecca) on duty that the reason for the bleeding was that the baby was big.

“She told the nurse to look after me and the baby so that she could go and have her bath. When mummy left, the nurse checked me as instructed. In the process, she told me to turn back so that she could clean up the blood. When I turned back, she went inside the room where my baby was kept. When I turned, I saw a woman in black hijab entering the room and the nurse was also there.

“I did not suspect anything. I thought the woman wanted to speak with the nurse. Few minutes later, I heard that my baby was missing. My mother-in-law, whom the nurse had sent on an errand alongside my husband, came back and asked about the baby but she could not give any explanation.

Mrs Drisu, who suspects foul play, is calling on security agencies and other relevant bodies to do everything possible to ensure her baby is brought back to her.

Father of the missing baby, Mr Damudi Drisu, said he was yet to come to terms with what has befallen his family.

“When we got to the hospital, mummy checked my wife and confirmed that it was time for her delivery. She told me to go home and get some baby clothes. By the time I came back, my wife had delivered and I handed over everything they demanded for.

“The nurse on duty (Miss Rebecca) told me to go and replace the things they used when my wife was in labour but I explained to her that it was a Sunday and many shops are closed.

“I begged her to see reason with me. The things she asked me to buy cost N1500, but because of the joy of my wife’s successful delivery, I gave her N2000. She however refused to collect the money from me,” he said.

He said the whole thing happened while he was away to get those items requested by the nurse.

Meanwhile, an official of the Clinic, Mrs Yusuf Victoria, said they were still dumbfounded over the incident.

“We always have 100 percent security in the hospital, both day and night. That day being a Sunday, we gave our security officer time to go and worship because his church is a stone’s throw from the maternity.”

Spokesperson of the Kogi State Police Command, Mr Williams Aya, who confirmed the incident, said the midwife and matron on duty during the incident have been arrested and are helping the police with investigations.

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