The victims of Abuja-Kaduna train attack who regained freedom last week have narrated their experiences in the den of their abductors.

Three of the seven ex-abductees told journalists in Kaduna that their captors treated them well and even killed six cows to feed in the three months they spent in captivity, Daily Trust reported.

Muhammad Daiyabu, who spoke on behalf of other victims, debunked the news spreading on social media that victims were beaten by snakes. He said about 10 snakes and two scorpions were killed by the abductors while they were with them.

“Most of the snakes were killed by our captors, so the information that we were beaten by snakes is false as no one was beaten by a snake,” he said.

Daiyabu said one of the captives was hit by a bullet after an accidental discharge by one of their captors’ children who was playing with a gun.

“The bullet brushed one of us on the stomach, but thank God it did not go through. Our abductors were very worried when the incident happened, and they apologised for it,” he said.

He said false reports circulating in the media could cause more harm than good for the victims still in captivity.

“After my release, I heard many stories which were not true. Being in captivity is not something you will wish for your enemy. Immediately we were captured, our captors untied us and kept telling us that their issues were not with us but with the government,” he said.

“They took care of us, they did not beat, harm, or maltreat us and in the 100 days that I spent there, they slaughtered six cows for us to feed. When we were sick, they did their best to provide drugs, and what I will never forget is what they did for my pregnant wife by setting her free. This shows that they have pity in their hearts.

Daily Trust reported that about 44 victims, including four children and an 85-year-old woman, are still in captivity.

The seven victims, including a Pakistani, were freed after spending 100 days with the abductors.

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