I had terrible experience with COVID-19 – Bauchi gov

Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, who tested negative for COVID-19 and came out of isolation on Thursday, described his experience in self-isolation as terrible.

The governor has been in self-isolation since March, 23 when he tested positive for COVID-19.

Addressing journalists shortly after being certified free from coronavirus by the NCDC and left self-isolation at 8.30pm on Thursday, he said, “I thank Allah for this trials and tribulations and I must thank him for testing me and then freeing me. This very vicious disease, which is COVID-19, that I have had to go through is really a terrible experience but Allah will not lay a burden on his servant that will not be able to carry.

“I thank him for freeing me and freeing others and may He also free our brothers in Bauchi and other places to the benefit of humanity.

“I must thank our leaders in Nigeria, I must thank our people in Bauchi, the emirs, the ulamas, the clergy and multitude of our supporters for the array of support, love and fraternity they have shown to me. It has really emboldened me in leadership and I am not ashamed to be transparent if I am diseased.”

He said while he was in isolation, his elder brother, Adamu Mohammad, was in kidnapper’s den. “The double jeopardy that I had to go through was that my brother was also kidnapped. People showed me so much love and prayers. I thank the people of Bauchi, I thank the people of Nigeria especially our supporters for their prayers and whatever they have done.”