As sympathisers continued to throng the home of the murdered female pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Mrs. Eunice Olawale, in Gbazango area of Kubwa, Abuja on Saturday, her elder brother, Prophet Steven Ayodele said he saw her late sister’s death coming.

Speaking with New Telegraph at the residence of the deceased yesterday, Prophet Ayodele, who is a pastor at Christ Apostolic Church, Power of Restoration, Parkview Estate, Ikorodu, Lagos said he had a premonition of his sister’s murder through a dream. According to the CAC pastor who arrived Abuja yesterday after receiving the news of his sister’s death, he had dreamt of a lady being attacked with her head cut off while he picked up the head and ran after the assailants.

He said: “We spoke to ourselves several times on Friday. But it got to a point that I told her that they (she and her husband) should not travel because I saw the death coming on their way. I am a minister of God in the Christ Apostolic Church, but when you see such things, you don’t need to shout; you just block the way so that the person does not fall into the pit. So, I told them not to travel and they accepted and did not go beyond what I told them.

“I made myself available to God to see clearly something for my juniors. As a man of God, I don’t have anything that I am doing; only the ministry.

“About a month ago, I dreamt that they cut the head of a lady. In the dream, I said whao! I carried the head and started pursuing the people that cut the head. Then, I woke up. Immediately I woke up, I heard a voice that I should go into fasting and prayer. I fasted for five days.

“My father is sick and has been living with me. I do take him to hospital and bring him back home. I thought that perhaps, it was my daddy that was going to die. But the way I saw the head, it was a woman’s head, a lady but the face resembled my daddy’s face.

“When my in-law now told me what happened on Saturday, I was silent for good three hours. I had headache. As I am sitting with you, I have not eaten and there is nothing you can give me that I can eat that will make me satisfied or even be in my system.

People have been coming and asking me questions, so that is why I said they should give me hot water to just drink and clear my throat. I told them don’t put anything; I don’t need any tea. “What I am bringing out from this issue is that I saw it coming.

It was after some time after I heard the news of my sister’s death that I now recalled that this must be what God revealed to me. I said to myself, it (the dream) has been accomplished now. Lord, what is the way out?

“My lovely sister is gone. But she had always contributed to the ministry of God. She worked for God. Even in the church that I pastor, she sowed seeds there.”

Ayodele, who said the family would not bury the late preacher until the Police conclude their investigation, also disclosed that he visited the mortuary where the remains of her sister is being kept, noting that her assailants stabbed her breast, slit her throat as well as her hand. He said that contrary to the widespread speculations, none of these body parts were completely cut off.

According to Ayodele, the family has been shield ing their 79-year-old father from the sad news because it could worsen his health condition. “My father has been sick and he is with me in Lagos. We have not told him of her death because he would just die.

He wanted to speak with her yesterday after service. We have not informed him,” he said. He, however, urged the FCT administration and the FCT Police Command to get to the root of the matter so that she would not die in vain.

“The people that killed her know her, because they killed her on her street. If the security people are ready to work, I know they will get there. We cannot make any arrangement for the burial because the police have not said anything,” he said.

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