A housewife, Mrs. Ajoke Salaudeen has asked an Agege Customary Court in Lagos State to put an end to her ten-year-old marriage over allegations of threat to life and infidelity.

According to her, her husband, Jimoh, had abandoned the family for his lover.

“My husband has numerous lovers scattered across the country. He is a transporter and uses the pretext to womanise.2016_8largeimg22_aug_2016_150435514

“When we got married, we did not have anything, in fact, we even slept on mats in his father’s house.

“It was my parents that gave me money to start food business. I made money and bought a bus for him. His business expanded and he started doing inter-state travels.

“ I was surprised when my husband’s attitude changed. He started receiving calls from different women even in my presence. One of them even threatened me when I confronted her on phone. She threatened to pour acid on me and set me on fire.

“I fear for my life and those of my three children,” she told the court.

Her husband, Jimoh, however, denied the allegations. He said he still loved his wife and was willing to make his marriage work.

“My wife stood by me when I had nothing. She sold almost everything she had so that I can succeed. I take care of her and my children but try to make her realise that women flock around transporters. I don’t have any girlfriend and I can swear with my life. I might have made some mistakes in the past but I am willing to change,” he said.

President of the court, Chief R. Williams adjourned the matter till October 15 for possible settlement, while asking both parties to maintain peace.

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