A 36-year-old father of three, Mr. Itorobong Iyang, yesterday told journalists that he was sex starved and was drunk when he defiled his eight-year-old neighbour’s daughter. Iyang, who lives on Oyo Road at Ajegunle area of Lagos, said he had been separated from his wife for a while.

The suspect and others arrested for different criminal acts were paraded yesterday at the state Police Command Headquarters, Ikeja. Also paraded was 31-year-old commercial motorcyclist, Benjamin Kingsley, who allegedly raped a teenage girl. Iyang said he defiled the eight-yearold girl under the influence of alcohol. He said: “I had just taken ‘hot drink’ (alcoholic drink) and was tipsy.

So I decided to cook, when some of my neighbour’s children came over to my place to play. After they left, I went to sleep. While I was sleeping I heard the little girl’s voice calling me. So I woke and found my neighbour’s daughter in my room. I decided to play with her. While playing with her, I told her to pull off her pants and she did without hesitation. I also asked her to insert my penis into her private part; she did and started rubbing it. What surprised me the most was that she did not cry and did not say she was in pains.” Iyang said he was still in the act when the girl’s mother called out for her, when she noticed that she was not outside with her playmates. When he had the girl’s name, he pulled out and quickly dressed up and the girl left to answer her mother.

But owing to her mother’s suspicion, she asked her daughter what she was doing in Inyang’s house and the girl, out of sheer innocence, confessed to her mother what transpired. The mother then invited the police who arrested Iyang. On his part, Kingsley said his 19-year-old victim was his lover. Kingsley, who hails from Abia State, said he had known the girl for over a year. The suspect claimed that both of them had been having sexual relations since then. He said: “We have been in a relationship for a year now. I usually take her from workplace and back to her house. This is not the first time I had sex with her.”

According to Kingsley, the relationship ran smoothly until she called him and decided to break up with him. The suspect said he was surprised because he had been meeting her needs. He said: “I was surprised when she told me that she was breaking up with me. I suspected instantly that she had a boyfriend but she denied it.” Kingsley said his suspicion was confirmed when two weeks ago he found out that she had a boyfriend and talked with her via WhatsApp, to confirm if it was true. According to him, to punish his lover for being unfaithful, he invited her to the house, to sleep with her and made a sex tape.

He said: “I found out about one Moses who is her new boyfriend. We had conversed via WhatsApp and I sought out a plan to send Moses a sex tape of her and me having sex.” According to him, an opportunity presented itself on Wednesday last week when the girl asked him for drugs to treat vaginal infection. He added: “I told her to come over to my house to collect the drug. From there, I gave her tramadol and had sex with her several times, recorded it and sent it to Moses.” But the victim denied being in any relationship with the suspect. According to her, Kingsley usually drops her off at work. She said: “I am not his girlfriend.

I only met him March this year when I started to learn tailoring. He usually drops me off at work and because of that I confided in him that I was sick. He sought out to help me purchase the drugs at a cheaper rate.”

The victim also explained that she visited Benjamin at his house in Okomiko since they were living in the same area. She said: “When I got there, he threatened me with a knife that I must cooperate and he gave me Tramadol to drink. I was weak but I was conscious of the fact that he wrapped six to eight candles in a condom to insert into my private part. He raped me about two times.”

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