A 47-year-old security guard, identified as Victor Osubie, is in police custody for allegedly defiling a six-year-old girl, Bola (not real name), in Sagamu Road, Ikorodu, Lagos.

It was alleged that the suspect, who works at an events centre used by the victim’s mother as an event planner, slept with Bola severally. But the bubble burst on May 30, 2016, when he reportedly slept with the victim.

Sunday Vanguard learned that Victor had intercourse with the victim after she returned from an errand. He allegedly took the kid inside his room, asked her to pull her clothes and then had intercourse her.

The victim was taken to Ikorodu General Hospital for medical examination which confirmed that she had bad intercourse severally.

The case was reported at Sagamu Police Division, Ikorodu Road but the suspect allegedly fled when the police came to arrest him. He was, however, arrested, penultimate Wednesday, while the case was transferred to the State Investigation and Intelligence Department, SCIID, Panti for further investigation.

Narrating how she was allegedly slept with by the suspect, the Basic Two pupil said: “Uncle Victor called me to help him buy MTN N100 recharge card for him. When I went to the place where they sell the recharge card, the people were not around. So I went back to give him his money. After giving him his money, he called me back, asked me to pull my pants and he put his manhood inside my private part. Uncle has done it five times to me. The first time was after my graduation ceremony (from kindergarten) last year July.”

The mother also spoke. She said: “While I was in the hall on that fateful day trying to put finishing touches to the decoration for an event, my little daughter walked up to me and said she couldn’t find her elder sister Bola. “Immediately I began to search for her. I went outside the hall to look for her; I didn’t see her, so I came back to the hall.
“Later I saw her walking out of one of the rooms attached to the gallery used by the security guard, Victor. As she got close to where I was, she kept saying, `Mummy, please doesn’t tell my daddy. Mummy, please doesn’t tell my daddy’. I promised her I won’t tell her daddy. But I noticed she was really scared. When she got close me, I held her and I asked her what the matter was. I was shocked when she opened up and alleged that Victor, the security guard whom I have helped countless times, had repeatedly had intercourse with her.

“Immediately, I confronted Victor, who said he was sorry and that he didn’t know what came over him when he slept with my daughter. I told him it was not a matter of he was sorry, and that it was not something that happened once. I called my husband to inform him about the incident and he asked me to report the case to the police. When I got to the police station, they took my daughter to Ikorodu General Hospital for medical examination.

“I thank God who used my little daughter to draw my attention to what had been happening. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known that he had been taking advantage of my daughter since last year. I guess Victor felt because I was busy, I won’t notice that my daughter was not around.”

Suspect’s story

Looking dejected, the suspect, whose wife and kids are said to be resident in Delta State, said: “I was mad when I did it. I didn’t know what came over me. What will my family and friends say when the news gets to them that I had intercourse with a six-year-old? My wife and kids are in Delta State. I live alone in Lagos. It is only once that I did it.”

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