Aisha Abubakar Magaji Faraga is a 23-year-old Fulani girl who hails from Keffi, Nasarawa State. She joined Hausa film industry about five years ago and since then she has been active in several films and other projects related to film production, but along the line this beautiful Fulani actress ran into several problems, some of which she narrates in this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA in Kano.

Could you tell us how you joined Kannywood?
Well, my name is Aisha Abubakar Magaji Faraga, but people prefer calling me Aisha Faraga because I joined Kannywood with the assistance of one Tijjani Faraga. My first film was Madubin Dubawa, when I left Keffi for Kano all alone I have the desire to be an actress but I don’t know who to approach. One day when they were shooting ‘Madubin Dubawa’ on Zoo Road, I met Tijjani Faraga and told him of my intention to start acting. He immediately took to me to the producers of ‘Madubin Dubawa’ and there and then they incorporated me into the film. Since then I have been getting offers from senior producers and directors. Tijjani Faraga too also continued to assist me.

What is your relationship with Tijjani Faraga because you are always seen in his company?
This is the work of enemies and those who are not happy with how I joined Kannywood without much tears. In fact those who hate my face petitioned Kano State films and censorship board to stop me from acting because, according to them, I am an embarrassment to the industry. They accused me of always following Tijjani Faraga to locations and other places, though even if this is true, I have the right to associate with anybody.

However, When the complaint became too much that Kano State films and censorship board set up a committee to interrogate me. After which they asked me to obtain a form that will be filled by my parents accepting to all conditions in the form if I am to continue acting. I did that, submitted and got clearance to continue acting.
The truth is I can do anything that is legal to remain in Kannywood. I am an orphan and am taking acting career seriously because it has provided all my necessary needs. It is unfortunate that today Tijjani Faraga is no longer talking to me because he does not want to be seen as somebody who is not responsible.

There was a time we heard that you were involved in serious accident, what happened?
It is true. I only survived through God’s mercy. The story was I was invited to Abuja to participate in a film called ‘Maja’, the crew comprised of Hausa stars and Kannywood stars. Initially I declined to go but Late Rabilu Musa Ibro insisted that I should go. When I finished preparation and was about to go, I was hit by a passerby vehicle. I only opened my eye and discovered that I was in a hospital, which was how I did not make it to Abuja. Honestly I cannot say who knock me down, maybe it was my enemies but thank God I have survived and today am looking more matured, more experienced and well accepted; fresh and beautiful.

There was another incident that happened in Kaduna when you went to shoot the film call ‘Suwagga’, you were reportedly disgraced by the producers and directors of the film, What is the truth?
Any time I remember that episode I always cry like a baby. I was seriously embarrassed like you rightly pointed out. The thing is, I was invited quite okay but only to be humiliated and disgraced by the producers and directors of the film, I can hardly forget that incident but thank God one producer and a stakeholder in Kannywood, Al-Rahuz met me and gave me some money to go back home.

Who are you going out with in the industry?
My story is simple, I don’t have boyfriend in Kannywood, I am here to pursue a career and be comfortable in life.

How about Marriage?
Any lady or woman will always want to get married and have children. The problem is the society is seeing us as cheap women and whenever somebody come to us for marriage his friends and relations would say how can he marry and actress, that we are cheap as such we are not good material for marriage. These are some of the problems we are facing. But I am praying hard to get somebody who will understand me and my job to marry me as a Muslim. Of course I will be happy to settle down and h

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