Honourable Adebutu

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate in Ogun State, Honourable Oladipupo Adebutu, has vowed to go ahead with his governorship election campaign whether or not the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) releases his name.

Adebutu, who accused INEC of double standard and working as a department of the All Progressives Congress (APC), condemned the electoral body for accepting nomination of candidates from the Senator Buruji Kashamu-backed group hiding under a court order.

The scion of the billionaire business tycoon, Sir Kesington Adebutu, spoke, on Saturday, on Political Circuit, a live interview programme monitored on a private radio station, Fresh FM, in Ibadan, Oyo State.

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He said it would amount to double blessing for him and other candidates duly elected through the primaries conducted by the National Working Committee (NWC) if Kashamu and his team campaign for the PDP.

Adebutu, who is currently a member of the House of Representatives, accused Kashamu of working for the APC to disrupt and disadvantage the PDP ahead of the 2019 elections in the state because of the alleged pressure of extradition mounted on him by the APC.

The lawmaker emphasised that Kashamu would not succeed in his bid to cripple the PDP for the APC to have an easy run in 2019, adding that there are various Supreme Court pronouncements which put him in no doubt that his candidature would be affirmed.

“We know that Kashamu, for desires of not being extradited, is now under pressure to act for and behalf of the APC to disrupt PDP. There is a process in Lagos where Kashamu is trying to nullify the convention of our party. Anybody that will do that can’t be defined as a member of our party.

“When we take cognizance of the fact that where we are coming, it was Ali Modu Sheriff, Kairo Ojugbo, and Kashamu that were trying to put our party in bondage. When the Supreme Court sets us free, Sheriff left and is now in his rightful party, APC. Kairo also left and now in APC.

“Kashamu has been left behind to continue to disrupt our party. He has been expelled from the party. Why the same effort to undermine the PDP at all times, especially when his cohorts have already left for the APC?

“We know their time-wasting effort in Ondo State where PDP could not sell it manifesto to the electorate. PDP could not campaign and electioneering was impaired. At the end of the day, they said even though they lost in court, they achieved their aim of wasting valuable time PDP would have used to campaign.

“We are continuing our campaign. That trick won’t work this time. Any name INEC likes, let it publish. We know it will not stand. We will not be disadvantaged. We know at the end of this process, Kashamu and his cohorts will go to the party they belong. They are not members of the PDP.

“If we have 40 elective positions and we have 80 people campaigning for the positions, it is even an advantage to us. So, let us have double prosperity and double blessing. Let PDP win and let Atiku become President and Adebutu, the governor,” he said.

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