Speaking yesterday night during his monthly media chat, Meet Your Governor, as reported by the Nation, Fayose urged the people to put “Gammalin 20” inside water to kill the herdsmen’s cows.

He declared that the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ali Modu Sheriff, will retain his position at the party’s May 21 National Convention in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.
But he vowed to work against Sheriff if the PDP boss plans to transmute himself to a presidential candidate in 2019.

The governor described himself as eminently qualified for the position of Vice President, saying “God is taking him to a higher place after his term expires in October 2018”.
He wondered why herdsmen, who used to carry sticks, now brandish AK-47 assault rifles.
The governor criticised President Muhammadu Buhari for his silence on the rampaging herdsmen.
Fayose revealed that he rears cows in his hometown of Afao-Ekiti without constituting nuisance to the locals.
He urged residents to be ready to poison the cows.
The governor said: “What I said was that we will now be more proactive, if you bring your cow to come and eat up my farmland, I will put Gammalin 20 inside the water they will drink from. That is what I will do to those destroying our communities and raping our wives.
“I heard that 83 cows have been killed since I made the statement. If you come to Afao and eat up my palm tree, we have set traps for grass cutters and rodents and the trap will catch them.
“There is no land for grazing in Ekiti State. Power to assign land belongs to the governor. Tell them that there is no land for grazing here because it is my right to sign the C of O (Certificate of Occupancy)”.
Speaking further on PDP politics, Fayose said:”Senator Ali Modu Sheriff is the PDP chairman and he is going to continue in office.
“If he gives me the VP slot, it is a good thing for Ekiti people even though, you cannot set out to say you want to be VP.
“But you people should not worry yourself about 2019 because nobody knows who will be alive in 2019 but mentioning my name for VP is good for Ekiti.
“I will not support Ali Modu Sheriff for President in 2019. I am qualified to be VP if it is the will of God. God is taking me to a higher place, how, I don’t know.”
Fayose was stung when he was reminded by one of the panelists that when his tenure expires in October 2018, President Buhari would still be in office.
The governor fired back: “My brother, you are not a wise man by asking that question; anybody talking about what will happen in 2019 now is not a wise man.
“Nobody knows that APC would become a ruling party in the last elections.
“I am not afraid of anybody, you can charge me to court, they charged me to court, I won.
“They harassed my wife and the court awarded damages against them, they charged our lawmakers to court, we won.
“Do you want to tell me that because I am in opposition I should keep quiet? I am not afraid of them and I am not afraid of being detained.
“I will continue to criticise them because it was God who brought me here.”

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