– Former vice president, Alex Ekwueme has questioned the logic behind praying for President Buhari’s health when his media aides have insisted the President is ‘hale and hearty’

– According to Ekwueme, there is hunger in the country and people are suffering and only God can save Nigerians from current economic recesion

– Ekwueme also advised the Igbos to continue contesting for presidency until they win

The first ever elected vice-president of Nigeria under the administration of Shehu Shagari, Chief Alex Ekwueme has questioned the state of President Buhari’s health.

Ekwueme wondered why the presidency should ask Nigerians to pray for the President Buhari’s health and in the same breath tell Nigerians that the president is hale and hearty.

Alex Ekwueme urges Igbos to contest for presidency in 2019

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari wrote a letter to the Senate requesting for an indefinite extension of his leave over what he termed as medical reasons.

According to Daily Post, Ekwueme said this while addressing Newsmen in Calabar, Cross Rivers state on Sunday, February 12.

Ekwueme said: “We have conflicting reports about the president’s health. The Minister of Information says he is hale and hearty, but his wife says we should pray for him.

“So if he is hale and hearty, I don’t know why she said we should pray for him. Whatever it is, we ask God to look after him. We want Nigeria to be at peace and to make progress and see how we can get out of our present difficulties.

“We really need prayers. We are in great difficulty. People are suffering. There is hunger in the land and it is not very encouraging. So we need God’s intervention to help us get out of it.”

Ekwueme who contested for Presidency in 1998 and 2003, also urged Igbos to continue vying for the presidency seat until Nigeria can boast of an Igbo president.

Ekwereme while talking about his two attempts to become President said: “I was Vice President until December 1983. Going by the old NPN order, I would have contested for the number one position in 1987, but the military intervened in 1983 and the civilian regime was cut short.

“I tried again in 1998 but Obasanjo was released from prison and he came and won, supported by his colleagues in the military. I tried again in 2003 and the same thing happened. I, therefore, pray that the other people (Igbo) can take it up from there and make progress.”

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