The office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) has directed the Auditor-General, Mr. Samuel Ukura, to proceed on retirement.
It ordered the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) to set in motion machinery for the appointment of a new Auditor-General for the Federation.
Ukura, who was appointed in 2010, is due for retirement on June 5, when he will clocking the mandatory retirement age of 60 years. Ukura, who was appointed in 2010, was born on June 5, 1956.
The memo from the SGF, dated May 25, was signed by Mohammed Bukar, Permanent Secretary (General Services) office of the SGF, has directed Ukura to proceed on retirement.
The memo had, among others, directed the FCSC to appoint the most senior Director as Auditor-General in acting capacity, pending the appointment of a substantive Auditor-General within three months.
The SGF’s memo also directed the FCSC to issue an internal circular to all Directors in the office of the Auditor General for the Federation to commence the process of appointing a new Auditor-General.
However, the directive has triggered a web of intrigues, as the Auditor General was reported to have allegedly written to the FCSC disqualifying the three most senior Directors next to him.
The memo further stated, “That all relevant Directors (Audit) regardless of the year of promotion, be considered in the process of appointing a new Auditor-General in order to make the exercise more competitive and to attract more competent capable officers in the process.
“That the Commission should place internal and external advertisement to expand the field of selection to consider other qualified Auditors both within and outside the civil service.
“That a candidate for the post should possess a minimum of good Honours Degree and must be a qualified professional Accountant holding membership certificate of a reputable accountancy body recognised by law within and/or outside Nigeria.
“That the candidate possesses a minimum of 15 years post professional qualification experience, acquired in the public or private sector, at least 10 years of which must be in auditing.
“That the most senior Director be appointed in acting capacity at the expiration of the term of office of the current Auditor-General and must have at least a minimum of two years to retirement.
“That the Commission should start and conclude the process of interview and recommendation of three (3) candidates to the President, in order of merit, within three months of approval”.
But indications emerged on Monday that Ukura, with less than a week to his retirement, is scheduled to travel to China this week, for a three-week official engagement. Official sources said he has yet to tender his retirement letter.
From indications, he will be returning to the country two weeks after his retirement date, fueling speculations that the Auditor-General might be waiting to benefit from a reform bill pending before the Senate.
The bill, which, among others, seeks to establish a Federal Audit Service Commission, was said to have been passed by the House of Representatives a few weeks ago.
The proposed bill seeks to make the Auditor-General the chairman of the Audit Commission and also prescribes renewable tenure of four years for a sitting Auditor-General, with his retirement age pegged at 65 years.
Section 19 (6) of the bill states that, “A person holding office as Auditor General shall hold office until he attains the age of 65 years, or he has served in the public service of the federation for 35 years, depending on which comes first”.
Section 50 (1) of the bill also states that, “The appointment of the Auditor General and the existing staff of the Office of the Auditor General shall remain valid upon coming into force of this bill”.


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