A 37-year-old man at the weekend set the house of his in-laws at Isampou community Ekeremor Local Government Area, Bayelsa State, ablaze killing his wife’s mother and brother.

The man whose name could not be ascertained was said to have been enraged at his wife’s decision to run away from home.

Thinking that his wife was sleeping in her mother’s house, the man was said to have sneaked into the compound of the deceased at night and set it on fire.

While the fire burnt the mother-in-law to death on the spot, the brother-in-law was said to have temporarily survived the incident but died later following first-degree burns he sustained from the inferno.

“The man poured fuel on the room of his mother-in-law thinking his wife was sleeping in her mother’s room.

“The wife left him some days ago saying that she did not want to marry him anymore. The wife was living with the man at Bomadi, Delta state before she left for her mother’s house at Isampou, Bayelsa, a source who spoke in confidence said.

It was learnt that irate mob from Isampou community stormed the Ndoro community in Bomadi and burnt the family house of the culprit in retaliation.

The couple were said to be having marital problems when the wife decided to call off the marriage and return to her mother’s village.

The wife reportedly planned to sleep in the mother’s house but changed her mind and and decided to spend the night at a friend’s house.

“Angry youths from Isampou community stormed the Ndoro community in speedboats with the burnt corpses of the in-laws. After searching for the killer husband in vain, they burnt his family house,” the source said.

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