Popular artiste, JoEl, who is signed to Kennis Music has been through a lot but above all, has made his name and come to stay in the Nigerian music industry.

In an interview with Hip TV, he revealed somethings that no one has ever heard, talking about his success story, how he made it and what he passed through.

The ‘Chukwudi’ crooner revealed that he started music since he was 9-years old when he joined the junior choir in his church and later graduated to the senior choir, hence, he already knew music was his way.

However, he later came to Lagos from Kano to work with celebrities and in 2010, he got signed to Kennis Music.

Talking about sharing same resemblance with Legendary Musician, Tubaba, he revealed that he never had it in mind to look like him but when he was trying to venture into music, he went to his barber and asked him to cut a style he has never done before, even though he didn’t want to do the kind of 2face cut. He later did it but without the mind that he wanted to look like 2face and he didn’t he looks like 2face until he saw his album art.

Furthermore, he revealed that there was a time when he was working at Mr.Biggs, a man just came to him suddenly and asked him to please have a picture with his children, thinking he was 2face. He objected but after the man insisted, he had to take the picture and the man later offered him money though he didn’t accept it.

When asked if looking like Tubaba has been a cause or a blessing, he revealed that it has been both and there was a day he cried bitterly when a guy told him he will never make it because he looks like Tubaba but the story later changed.


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