Rev.Fr.Paul Danbaki Jatau called on Nigerians to stop being deceived by politicians lies and rise start a radical revolution that can see to the end of incompetency among politicians.

Rev. Fr. Paul Danbaki Jatau of the Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan, Kaduna, has called for radical revolution in Nigeria.

According to Daily Post, Jatau lamented the rate at which Nigerian politicians forget their promises once they get into office.

Jatau said: “In Nigerian brand of politics, reliability and stability are becoming strange to us.

“When a politician says he is with you, you can be certain that he is not really with you. This is because, immediately he finishes telling you he is with you this minute, you can see him in the next minute with a political opponent in another meeting and when you confront him, he tells you it is politics.”

Nigerians need radical revolution – Rv. Fr. Paul Danbaki Jatau

“Politicians should not just be knowledgeable, but should have facts and figures of what they intend to correct and do. But the utterances of these politicians at times, suggest that they do not know exactly what is going on. That is why at political rallies, real issues on how to tackle corruption, unemployment, infrastructural decay, economic growth etc are not discussed. What usually take precedence are sweeping statements like “I will end corruption”, “I will provide jobs” etc.”

Jatau also said the consequences of politicians’ lies include unabated killing of innocent citizens, and charged security agencies to be alive to their responsibility of ensuring crime preventions and controls.

“The recent carnage in Southern Kaduna is an embarrassment to Governor Nasir El-Rufai as a man of uncommon positive knowledge. He is too knowledgeable to be caught in the usual machinations to promote killings under any guise.

“It is a known fact that the people of Southern Kaduna seriously NEED a separate State and a check on the map of the proposed State shows a Christian dominated population, which should at least serve as hope since the El-Rufai administration seems to be more interested in political rhetoric than the protection of lives and properties. Creation of a State for the people of Southern Kaduna should be seen as a necessity.”

Jatau blamed poverty as the basic reason Nigerians politicians can easily take citizens for granted after they get to office. He however called on Nigerians to fight against this treatment by politicians.

He said: “With the state of things, indeed, a radical revolution is needed in Nigeria today, to clear the polity of these brands of established politicians and replace them with men and women who play politics of ideas and advancement.

“Based on the current state of things, Nigerians have to contend with political deceptions, betrayals and endless rhetorical excesses of the political elite. A typical Nigerian politician has proven that he is not to be TRUSTED! ‘Our MUMU don do’! Looking forward to 2019!

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