The Presidential candidate of KOWA party has thrown his weight behind the agitation for restructuring. Dr Sina Fagbenro-Bryon stated this at a media parley in Abuja today.

He revealed that some of the criteria that some of the parties in Nigeria set cannot deliver good governance and that is why KOWA party is different.

KOWA party Presidential candidate also offered his hands of support to Governors who have problems with recent ethno-religious unrests in the country. Dr Bryon believes that leaders like that could benefit from ideas which could help in reducing tendencies towards such crisis.

He commended the Vice President, Yemi. Osinbajo for his quick move towards empathising with states affected.

The Presidential candidate frowned at the high rate of unemployment in the country which he put at 30%. He believes the trend was dangerous and something should be done urgently to curb the rate. According to him it is necessary that the government embark on prioritisation so that women and youth

According to him, nations fail because they are not inclusive. Any nation that is run on a noninclusive basis can never move forward. He advised that Government should be moved closer to the people and that the Nigerian government as it is now is top heavy.

KOWA party has been disposed to coalitions. He however gave conditions for the party to be involved in any coalition. He said that the party would be ready to get involved in coalition that would improve governance in Nigeria.

Dr Bryon also revealed how the party went into the Presidential Aspirants Coming Together, PACT involving some presidential aspirants. The party however pulled out over the non-defintion of the focus of the PACT. Apart from this, the PACT embarked on selecting a Presidential candidate even when those who were involved had not picked the Presidential ticket of their own parties.

The same shortcoming was also noticed in CUPP. According to the Presidential candidate. There is the need for CUPP to meet and decide how the Presidential candidate would emerge and ensure that is process is transparent.

The current structure makes Governors beggars, according to the Presidential candidate and this is why according to him the country should be restructured.


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