From Adekunle Jimoh, Ilorin


The reconciliatory meeting ordered by a Kwara State High Court between the state government and the late Dr. Olusola Saraki’s family on the demolished Ile Arugbo, yesterday hit a brick wall.

The meeting between the representatives of the state government and Asa Investment Ltd ended without a concrete resolution.

The meeting ended without any specific adjourned date. It started at 4:48pm and ended at 5:48pm.

Briefing reporters at the end of the one hour meeting, counsel to Asa Investment Ltd, Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, said the two parties could not reach any concrete agreement.

“Today is the second time we are meeting on this issue of settlement out of court, but up till now we have not been able to agree on definite terms.

We have adjourned for us to meet again and see if we can iron out the proposed term of settlement and counter proposed term of settlement.

That’s where we are now. We hope to meet again before the time the case was adjourned. No date yet. We adjourned indefinitely.

None of the government’s representatives was willing to respond to reporters’ inquiries at the end of yesterday’s meeting.

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