Two Police Officers Arrested, Detained For Extortion In Rivers

Lagos entrepreneur, Amarah Kennedy has persisted in disseminating explicit images of two single mothers, Kester and Temi, whom he had previously dated.

In a disturbing turn, he has shared these pictures with members of Kester’s church and her late husband’s family.

Kennedy said, “By the time I am done, suicide will be her only option.”

According to Punch, Kennedy disseminated the explicit images to over 48 individuals just on Tuesday.

Both women, Kester and Temi, met Kennedy on separate social media groups for singles.

After arguments, Kennedy distributed intimate photos of the women, demanding money from them to delete the pictures. Despite their payments, he proceeded to circulate the images widely.

The aftermath has been severe for the victims. Kester, a widow and mother of two, has attempted suicide twice as a result of the ordeal.

Temi ended her relationship with Kennedy after discovering his uncommitted intentions, only to find herself harassed for money and threatened with further distribution of explicit photos.

Following the exposure of Kennedy’s actions, he threatened to further tarnish the women’s reputations for “spoiling my image”.

He continued sending explicit images to more family members and acquaintances of the women. Kester, despite her distress, has vowed not to end her own life, stating her children need her.

Kennedy is currently on the run but continues to communicate via WhatsApp.

The Lagos State Police, led by Commissioner Idowu Owohunwa, have pledged to bring him to justice.

Kester reported that her in-laws have offered their support and vowed to aid in the fight against Kennedy.

The Black Diamonds Support Foundation also reports that additional victims have come forward claiming to have been blackmailed by Kennedy.

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