Dr Anu Announces Liposuction Giveaway After Another Botched Surgery Victim Lands In The Hospital

Dr Anu of Med Contour

Popular Instagram blogger, Gistlover has called out controversial plastic surgeon, Dr Anu Fella of Med Contour for offering a liposuction giveaway.

It was gathered that one of her clients is currently in the hospital following a botched surgery procedure.

Gistlover dragged the doctor for filth, saying the botched surgery victim is one of his followers.

The blogger wrote;

“Anu the butcher doctor wants to do liposuction giveaway🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️how low👎that post reeks of desperation,tueh,as she no see clients again mama sha wants to hold knife,slay queen doctor,you are looking for who to kill again,you damaged a lot of peoples life with your half baked surgery,about two people died in your unit with your carelessness yet the girl that spoke up about how you damaged her body you want to be harassing her with your hungry lawyers🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️the lady whom you damage her body and threatening her for speaking up is one of my follower and you know say anything wey involve my follower like this,I fit off cloth fight,we die there ni,now you are advocating liposuction giveaway on your page,to everyone who still want to breath fine,avoid medcontour,(end time Doctor)her case still dey court and I will make sure we get justice for the late queen and the lady whom her body was damaged,if you must do liposuction find a good doctors,ladies should stop endangering their lives,ladies sef get their own for body,which kind thing be ,do Yansh do breast🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ontop this our rod o🤪🤪🤪ladies should avoid her becaus if you go there and the deed is done,I won’t give you audience or call her out for you again,Na una use una two legs waka go there,I come in peace.“

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