imageA traditional ruler in Omole, Ikeja, Lagos has asked fuji music star Saheed Osupa to renounce the title adopted on the CD sleeve of his album, Agba Akin Omole.

In a letter to Saheed Osupa dated July 16, 2016, Alhaji Taiwo Nasiru Bakare, the Baale of Omole, said Omole is under his jurisdiction in Lagos State and the previous holder of the title was Late Olugbenga Adefolarin, an editor with the defunct TNT Newspaper who was given the title in 1999 while the present holder, World Cruiser Heavy Weight Champion Bash Ali (OON), was given the title in 2012.

According to Alhaji Bakare, the title, Agba Akin Omole, displayed on the Osupa’s album sleeve is misleading and that Osupa should apologise in three national newspapers or risk being sued.

“How is it now possible to claim chieftaincy title of a town in Lagos state under Ikeja Local Government to someone else,” Alhaji Bakare said in the letter.

“Your action embarrass the people of Omole Community indigene and Lagos State as a whole, I was installed as Baale of Omoleland. Alh Taiwo Nasiru Bakare since 2nd October 1999 without any confrontation or molestation, I hereby request for letter of apology for your action within 7 days to be forwarded to Omole community through our Secretary, and to disclaim such in three national newspaper to avoid legal actions.”

Alhaji Bakare also said he should correct the title in his CDs and posters.

However, reacting to the development, Adeola Okunola, Osupa elder’s brother, said the title was given to Saheed Osupa by the Olojudu of Ojudu. Though he admitted the error, he was unapologetic to the Baale’s stance of Osupa apologising, heaping any blame on the marketer.

“To set the record straight, Osupa does not ‎owe the community any apology,” he said, in an email statement.

“He has never claimed to be the Agbaakin of Omole but that of Ojodu. And he will not claim so, unless he is installed as such. So, why the fuss?

“The marketer, in a bid to make sales or mistakenly, may have used the title. We all know how marketers do their work. The Kabiesi in the disc, is that of Ojodu and not Omole. He sang it in his music‎. They should go and watch the disc, over and over.”

Dismissing the threat of court action by Alhaji Bakare, Okunola urged those complaining to listen to album and said that Osupa will not stoop low to achieve fame.

“If they are playing, they should stop the joke,” he said.

“While we are not saying that some people might have motivated them to issue such in order to malign the soaring popularity of our principal, we urge the community leaders and stakeholders to listen to the said album again.

“As a cultured person who was brought up by disciplined parents, our principal would have loved to react more than this because we wonder why someone would open his mouth and say that “Your action is embarrassing to the people of Omole”. For us, our principal does not owe anybody the smallest of apologies; they should contact sound legal minds to explain things for them.

“Despite the fact that Osupa is educationally sophisticated, he knows what is wrong from what is right and he is somebody who works harder‎ to earn the fame he enjoys today and not one of those who will stoop so low to achieve fame, at any cost.”

Lekan Yusuf, a cameraman, whose outfit is Hayzed Pictures, also said there shouldn’t be any controversy. “It is just the title of the album,” he said.

There has been a raging supremacy battle between Saheed Osupa and Wasiu Alabi Pasuma with fans of both artistes at each other’s necks.

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