Court adjourned for about one hour so that prosecution file their objection to the request by the defence for bail. Obviously, the prosecution wants Saraki and the others to be remanded in custody. 30 senators are with Saraki ans Ekweremadu.
There are protesters outside of the court premises who are anxiously waiting.
This is from the trial of Sarki/Ekweremadu, Former CNA, Salisu Maikasuwa arrived court first. SP Bukola Saraki and DSP Ike Ekweremadu already all inside court32 of FCT High Court, Jabi,

– Court 32 is tight and already filled up hence overflowing as many people hang outside it. Journalists are outside!

– Case has started but lawyers, senators and journalists are outside the court room due to lack of space.


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Re: Saraki-Ekweremadu Forgery Trial: Live Reports From Abuja (pics) by AjayiWrites: 9:53am
– 30 senators accomplained Saraki/Ekweremadu to court today

– It’s a tough day for senators some of them are standing too while others are seated in courtroom. It’s filled up

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