Two US lawmakers and a journalist have accused President Donald Trump of having mental issues

Trump has been accused of having mental issues by two US lawmakers and a journalist

American President Donald Trump has been described as a man with mental issues.

This came few months after a group of psychiatrists sent an open letter to former President Barack Obama about Donald Trump’s mental health. They believe that his outbursts and behaviors indicate some sort of mental instability.

Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego recently said he believes President Donald Trump is “mentally unstable.”

The Democrat on KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Mac & Gaydos said: “Yes, I do believe the president is mentally unstable. I ‘ve said this thousands of times.”

“I will not work with President Trump because President Trump has not been clear and transparent with what occurred during this election,” Gallego said. “I will not work with him to get an infrastructure bill until he releases his taxes, his disclosure to make sure that he’s not starting a kleptocracy.

“He should not try to stop or impede a investigation into the election interference in this election. There’s a lot of things that’s wrong with this president. Being Republican by the way is not bad. I think any other Republican would be very much easier to work with. This man is not normal. He is not acting normal. And there’s nothing that he’s done at this point for me that he’s proven that I should work with him. And I don’t think it’s gonna change.”

Another senator who questioned the mental health of the president is Sen. Al Franken.

According to Frankel who appeared on the February 10, 2017 broadcast of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher said Republican colleagues of the president also believes Trump is not right mentally.

“There’s a range of what they will say,” he said of the opinion his Republican colleagues hold of Trump. “Some will say that he is not right mentally. And then some are harsher.”

On his part, Andrew Sullivan a pioneer blogger call on journalists to focus more on the mental status of the president.

“To have such an unstable figure, incapable of accepting reality, at the center of the world, is an extremely dangerous thing.”

“I know we’re not supposed to bring this up — but it is staring us brutally in the face,” Sullivan wrote.

“God knows, I wish I weren’t here having to say this,” Sullivan said.

“No one wants to be here saying this. I don’t want to believe the president of the United States is just delusional or cannot accept reality. Of course not. It pains me. It gives me great pain and concern and distress. But at some point, being a writer or a journalist requires one to simply say what one is seeing in front of one’s eyes. And sometimes you have to say that in plain English.”

However, Chris Ruddy, a friend of Trump and the CEO of Newsmax Media defended the president, cited his history in real estate, reality television and his successful presidential campaign as signs of mental acumen.

He added that: “If he’s crazy, he’s crazy like a fox,” Ruddy said. “So I would not underestimate his abilities.”

In the video below, Sen. Al Franken (D-Min.) says President Donald Trump’s behavior is “not the norm for a human being.”

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