Wife: I’m not having extra marital affair, I live in fear

An angry husband, Mr. Emmanuel Esonwune, has accused a serving policeman, working with the Imo State Police Command of snatching his wife and children. Esonwune, also accused his wife, Hope, of indulging in illicit love affair with the police officer simply identified as Supol Abiola.

He further said that his wife and the policeman are colleagues. He said that the relationship was baffling because Abiola was also a married man. He alleged that Abiola has vowed to kill him because he wanted his wife back.

The man said that the affair between his wife and the Supol Abiola, led to his wife moving out of their matrimonial home with their children.

Making attempts to get his wife back, Esonwune petitioned the Imo State Commissioner of Police, National Human Rights Commissions, Human right activists, lawyers and media, narrating how his marriage was destroyed.

He blamed Abiola for his broken marriage. He said: “ I have caught my wife and Abiola driving out together from Rockview Hotel in Owerri. I was able to have access to about 26 love text messages, exchanged between them. This Abiola used to come to my house in my absence to see my wife. He also used to bring her home. He drops her close to our home.

He has ruined my marriage! I married my wife on October 24, 2002; we did the church wedding on December, 14, 2002 at St Paul’s Catholic Church, Owerri. I have seen them going to hotels together. One day, I was waiting for customers on the road because I’m a tricycle operator, when I saw them driving out of Rockview Hotel.”

He noted that when Hope got home from office that day, he confronted her, but she vehemently denied it. He would later lay his hands on her phone and went through her text messages.

According to him, the height of the marital crisis was when his wife, on December 24, 2016, without thinking twice, packed her belongings and moved out of their matrimonial home, taking their three children.

He disclosed that he had expected a better treatment from Hope, especially since he sponsored her through secondary school and Police College. In the petition dated February 10, 2017, Esonwune said Abiola was now threatening to kill him after destroying his marriage.

The petition reads in part: “I’m constrained to draw your attention to the calculated plot by one of your officers, Supol Abiola, of Imo State Police Command, to destroy my family by going into illicit affairs with my wife. My wife is equally a policewoman in your command.

The peace in my home was shattered when the devil struck, using Abiola as his agent. He is having a love affair with my wife. He takes her to different fast food joints, hotels, guest houses and other places.”

Esonwune said it got to an extent that his wife and Abiola started using his bedroom for sex romps, whenever they noticed he was not around.

He alleged that Abiola also influenced his wife’s transfer from the Police Officers Mess to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of Imo State Police Command, in order to have easier access to her. Esonwune said: “I have, on several occasions, confronted them on the road, while they are in Police Hilux van, which they used to cruise around town.

Sometimes, they drive along with my children; without shame. It’s very unfortunate that Abiola, as a married man, has intentionally undertaken to destroy my young family by sleeping with my wife, whom I laboured to train at both secondary school and Enugu State Police College.

As I write this petition, my life is in danger as I no longer feel safe in my house.” Esonwune said he has taken all these steps just to enforce his right as a husband and father to his children.

However, hope, almost weeping, said Esonwune was bent on destroying her reputation. She said she has been through hell in the hands of Esonwune. According to her, she is a victim of perpetual domestic violence. She said that Esonwune used to beat her black and blue.

She said she had made several entries at welfare over his battering, which anyone could go and investigate. She also noted that because of Esonwune, she was so much in debt, to the extent that she doesn’t have any money in her bank account. She denied indulging in any affair with Abiola. She explained that she had to move out of her matrimonial home because she wasn’t ready to die.

She further explained that the traumatic union became unbearable after someone lied to Esonwune that she was having an extra-marital affair. She said that without bothering to hear her own side of the story, her husband bought the story, hook, line and sinker. He, thereafter, increased her punishments at the home front.

She couldn’t stand the pains anyone. She said: “I didn’t want to leave because of my religion. I don’t believe in divorce, but the beating continued. I lost my baby last year.

He abandoned me and my children because of our housemaid. He hits me every time. He would ask me to go and get money to give him from anywhere. I don’t know whether he wants me to go and steal. I used to give him so that peace would reign.

“I had never arrested him because I didn’t want people to say I’m using my power as a policewoman. He keeps threatening me. I’m a very unhappy woman. I’m living in fear. He doesn’t take care of the kids and doesn’t care whether there’s food in the house or not.

He doesn’t care whether his kids eat or not. “He has reported me everywhere, to the extent my superior officers called me. It was very embarrassing to me. My parents said I should leave. They said if anything happened to me, I would have myself to blame.

I’m living with my parents right now.” Reacting to the allegations, Imo State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr. Andrew Enwerem, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), said Esonwune wrote a petition but had not been seen at the police command to verify his claims.

Enwerem added: “I’m not exonerating him of any claims, but remember his wife is a police officer, working with us. Does that mean when he sees his wife in the police car, he would be thinking another thing? He was expected to come and stand by his claims, either for resolution or he should go to court.”

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